New Restaurant WTF

So a new restaurant place opened in my neighborhood and I decided to try it out. It's sort of a take-out/restaurant sort of place with like 'healthy-ish' food or whatever. I wander in there all psyched to support the new place! A woman was behind the counter and I congratulated her on the restaurant finally opening. She thanked me but she seemed sort of annoyed about it. (It did take them forever to open. They put up a storefront sign six months ago--and only recently they actually opened. Maybe she thought I was being sarcastic about the finally?)

Anyway, I order up a grilled chicken caesar salad to go. It was like $8.00 or whatever. I pay her and get my change.

She heads off to make my salad and here's how the conversation went from there:


Me: I'll be right back. I'm just gonna run a couple errands.

Woman: You can't wait?

Me: For what?

Woman: For the salad.

Me: Well, I'll be back in like 10 minutes...

Woman: It's only going to take 5.

Me: It's to-go.... so... it's fine with me y'know.... so...

Woman: So just wait five minutes...

Me: Can't you just keep it behind the counter for me?! I already paid for it!

Woman: (annoyed) I guess so. Fine.

Me: Well good then. Please do. Thanks!

Woman: Grumble mumble...

First off, WTF LADY!!!! You JUST OPENED and you're pissing me off with this crazy crap? And you don't understand the fundamentals of a takeout order?! I already paid for it! What's the difference if I friggin never came back!? It's a salad! It's not even like hot! And you're gonna be rude about it? To a near-first customer? It's my time! My minutes! It's one thing if you've been in a restaurant for 10 years and are having a bad day-- but she just opened? Put all this hard work in? And she's not gonna be smiley? Isn't the opening a dream?

Anyway, I go back and get my salad to see if her attitude had changed... but it hadn't. She barely looked up as she handed me the takeout order. I get it home and click on the TV and open it up. It looked fine-- but I didn't like the looks of it anymore. It had a bad vibe. I mean if someone is crazy enough to be rude to a customer right after opening... maybe they'd be crazy enough to doctor up my salad with some grossness? I couldn't bring myself to chow down. So I put it in the fridge for later... and let it go bad.

And that was that. I don't get it.

ok bye!