Jake's The Liar

So the other night I'm like hanging out in my apartment and I rented Behind Enemy Lines (which was kind of good) and I decided to order up some bbq takeout. I usually order from this place 'Jake's Famous Kansas City Barbeque'. I've actually never been there- I just somehow have the menu in with my stack of menus. But I remembered that last time it wasn't so great so I went into the Yellow Pages to see if I could find another bbq place. I found one called 'Aunt Martha's Country Kitchen'. The ad looked kinda good and home-y so I ordered a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and corn and a side salad from there.

About a half-hour later I get a call from the delivery guy on his cell asking me where I live. I tell him my address (I live at number 263 on my street) and I tell him the cross streets. He tells me I'm wrong and the numbers don't go that way on my street. I'm like, 'Seriously. I live here. The numbers do 'go that way'. He's gets a little upset telling me how he's right in front and looking at 261 and 265 and there is no 263. And I'm like, 'There really is a 263.' (You can tell because on the outside of my building in big numbers are 2-6 and 3.. in that order.) He's like, well I don't see it. I ask him to confirm he's on my street and he does. I ask him if he's sure he's on my street and he gets sorta angry and tells me of course he's sure!... then he pauses for a second. And says, 'Oh wait..' and then hangs up.

Like ten minutes later my buzzer rings. I ask who it is and the guy says 'Jake's.' And I'm like... Jakes? I thought I ordered from Aunt Martha's.. but I whatevered it and got the food. (The delivery guy actually turned out to be a nice guy who laughed at his screwup before but whatever.) I get upstairs and I see there is an Aunt Martha menu in the bag and start to wonder why the guy said 'Jake's' -so I do some detective work and I get my Jake's menu and compare it to the Martha menu... and sure enough...

I see this! I'm like wtf! What's up with that?! AND I also go through the rest of my menus and also find this too! The whole thing is like a big menu scam or something! And I don't know what to think about it all! Especially since the Martha's chicken beats Jake's chicken hands down and I haven't been able to find a really good chinese restaurant since I moved here- so Su-Su's Yum Yum might be worth a shot!

ok bye!