The Confused Punk

So today I'm walking down the street with Roscoe doing nothing (well not nothing-- basically buying stuff I really don't need while desperately trying to remind myself to buy paper towels and Q-Tips)

Anyway, walking toward me on the sidewalk come these two punks. Like punk rock style punks. Guy and a girl. The girl was a basic standard punk with spiky jet black hair, ripped jeans and boots with the quadriple piercing, buttons and Bad Brains shirt. And cute. But the dude had a sort of differentish take on punk. He looked like a 1950's/70's mash of punk. Like greaser punk.

Like he had a mohawk but it wasn't spiked up-- it had a swoopy curl like Bowser from Sha Na Na. He wore black shirt with the cigarettes like tucked up under the shoulder like Kenickie. And the jeans were like high waters with cuffs and he had high top sneakers with the tongue lip out. Also had two stretchout your earlobe earrings in both ears and one eyebrow thingee.

So I was basically looking this dude up and down adding up his fashion situation. And I probably had a confused wtf look on my face because I didn't know exactly what he was going for with that whole retro on top of retro get-up. After looking at him down to his sneakers, I looked back up and when we made eyecontact he was totally giving me a, 'What the f--k you looking at, a-hole?! I'll f--k you up!' type of look.

What am I looking at?

Now I really could care less what anyone wants to wear when they go out. But if you're friggin decked out with some sort of bizarro fashion statement-- the rule is-- I get to stare at you all I want!!! That's the deal! Don't shoot me a what are you looking at look? I'm looking at you Zuko Rotten! That's what?! And I would keep doing it if I wasn't scared of you!

I mean wtf! If you're going to go out dressed like a punk then expect people to stare at you. Give me a break GG Craterface! You're in Brooklyn. It's 75 degrees out. Whatever you're doing in life you can walk around dressed like a punk who had some sort of time machine mashup situation. Plus you have a cute punk rock girl by your side. Just ignore the passerby stares from us squares. You're supposed to not care about what anyone thinks... remember?

ok bye!