The Cure for the Common Cold

So for the last few days I've had a decent sized cold. Total snotty with the coughy cough phlegm action etc. Blah blah. I could whine about it for this whole post but I'll spare you that. ...I've been whining offline to family and friends plenty.

But here's the thing. Yesterday, I went out to my brother's house and the whole family was there. Wife. His inlaws. Nephews and niece the whole deal. (Roscoe). And I basically made an announcement as soon as I walked in the door that I was sick with a cold and nobody should kiss me or touch me. Simple as that. I was contaminated with cooties and there's no reason to go through social politeities that might risk someone else feeling like I was feeling. And the whole time I was there I tried to goop myself up with Purell and washed my hands alot etc to do my best not to contaminate anything or anybody and all that. Why not?

Bottom line is-- I think if you have a cold or flu (or just feel like you're illing) you should treat yourself like a friggin leper. Don't touch anybody. Period. And avoid contact with common touchy areas like other people's keyboards or whatever. And tell people you think you're coming down with something or whatever! It's nothing to be ashamed of! No shame in having a cold!

And there seems to be this general fake bravery people have about getting close to people with colds. Like they couldn't possibly get sick too. Like people psychically test their immune system. But I say it's enough of this! If you're sick give me a heads up! Don't shake my hand! It shouldn't be your secret! Stay home! Don't touch people! Don't kiss people! You're a leper! Don't be embarrassed about it! You're only contaminated most likely because someone didn't give you a heads up to the fact that they were contaminated! Why pay that forward?

I know this might be a tall order because society is set up with all this touchy crap. And with kids there's no avoiding their germiness. But as adults, I think there's a good first step to curing the common cold. Leper yourself! Do us all a favor! And this isn't me being germphobic either... it's just me being grumpy about having a cold.

ok bye!