Helping Lonely Flyers

Y'know those flyers in the supermarket or on bulletin boards or wherever with those ripoff tags at the bottom? With the phone number or email? For guitar lessons or painting or babysitters or whatever?  I always like to read those flyers to keep track of what people are up to. And it's always sad to me when I see that a flyer with zero taggy things ripped off. Like the flyer has been ignored and snubbed by the whole neighborhood-- and is all sad waiting for someone to do a rip.

Back in the day when I was promoting Todd's Driveway Service, I actually put up flyers like that around town-- but I'd always rip off one of the little things myself. Just to get it started and make the flyer look like its in play. I felt like it made the flyer more attractive if someone already snagged one of those things.

So now I have this habit of starting out lonely flyers by ripping off one of the tags myself. I'll give it a little motivational support with a tag rip so it doesn't look so neglected and sad. I figure when the person comes back to check on their flyer they'll at least know that somebody read the flyer and somebody was interested enough to do the rip. Even if they don't call...

But is that really the right thing to do? Is it giving false hope for their flyer prospects? Will they be expecting a call from that somebody? And is it wrong of me to take a rip (aka potential business) if I have no interest in calling them ever?

I dunno. Seems like a nice thing to do. If not for the person... for the flyer.

ok bye!


PS. Here's a link I got from a flyer rip today. I guess it's the least I can do...

PPS. I think my camera is really gone :-(