The 'Like A Prayer' Effect

So last night I was sitting at a bar with a friend of mine. Sort of a low-key place. Couple bartenderettes doing their thing. Dudes reading magazines at the bar. A bunch of chickies around muttering chickie talk to their chickie friends. Blah blah not alot going on... then Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' came on. The bartender girl turned it up. All of a sudden there seemed to be this total reaction of female sing-a-long bonding over this song. Every girl stopped what they were doing and started singing and swaying. This song somehow tapped into that mysterious girl world of hypnotic sync up I think.

Guys just looked around. Uninvited and confused by the outburst. Watching girls shamelessly shaking their hair at 'When you call my name...' Squealing and bouncing, 'Let the choir sing!' I whispered to my friend, as if we were observing some creatures in their habitat, if this was a 'Like a Prayer' thing or could it be any song that would cause this reaction. He claimed that it could be any song from that time that would set them off this way. I wasn't sure. I wondered if Papa Don't Preach would cause the same reaction. But I didn't think so. Papa Don't Preach was a song about another girl. I don't think it could establish that same level of mutual connection. Holiday would probably be a little to campy to sing it all the way through. I guess Express Yourself could jolt them around but there's something too on the nose about that song.

So I've come to the conclusion that it was the song itself that set off the women. Something about the 'down on my knees' and 'take you there'. I dunno. I just know it was weird. Like as soon as it came on all the chicks instantly were instructed from above by Athena to sing along (all the way till the end). Because apparently in the last girl power ethereal meeting Like a Prayer was added to the list of mandatory sing-a-long songs. And all girls instantly got the memo...

ok bye!