I Can't Stand the Beautiful Tree

I like city trees. I'm always sort of amazed that trees can survive and thrive in the city. I totally respect them for being able to like root into whatever is under the sidewalk and go on with life and grow up. Like, where their actually roots go? Is that dirt under the concrete? Isn't it like... I dunno... shale? How do these trees really live? On top of it, the sidewalk trees get peed on all day by dogs and they breathe in exhaust fumes. And if there buildings are tall there's not a huge amount of light. But they get by. Occasionally I look down into a street grate and see a little tree growing down there with all the gum and cigarette butts. Below street level. It's reassuring.

Anyway, every year there's some kind of tree in front of my building. It's a really nice looking tree.

I forget what kind it is. Dogwood or Chinese Foxstick or something.

Here's a picture (I dug out my old camera):

The pink flowers just started to fall off it this week. Last week it was pretty friggin bright and gorgeous. Everyone who comes over or walks by comments at how awesome the tree looks. It's probably the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood. But I have mixed feelings about it.... Because this tree f--ks me up so bad when it blooms! I'm allergic to it! Year after year I have a two week stretch of allergies perfectly timed to these stupid pink flowers. As soon as it starts budding I'm like, 'Great. Here we go again...' And sure enough within days I'm all snotty sneezy throaty snorty eye burny.

I guess it's blasting pollen through my window all day long or whatever's going on with it. It's right outside my bedroom window. Sure, I pummel it back with a placebo called Claritin but what good does that do. People say I should try the Nekko Pot or whatever that thing is (has anyone really tried that?). But I know I just have to wait it out.Now that the pinkness if falling off the allergies are starting to improve day by day. Less snotty. Less sneezy. Less grossy.

I have nothing against this tree personally but it bothers me that I can't fully appreciate it. Because it only makes me feel good after it's done making everyone else feel good...

ok bye!