Stuck When Something Stuck in Teeth

So the other night I went out to dinner with a bunch of people. I only knew one person at the table so I felt a little weird but whatever. Anyway blah blah this chick starts telling a story and I can see she's a little uncomfortable with the attention of the table. And I notice right away that she has some food stuck in her teeth. It was unmissable and big and deadcenter. No question that everyone at the table saw it. I zone out on her story 100% and start this inner dialogue about how to handle the situation.

I thought about interrupting her whole story to tell her that she has a giant thing in her teeth but I felt because I didn't know her that it may be crossing some sort of line. I looked at her friends like, 'Are you seriously going to let her go on with her story? While she's so blatantly got that glokker in her toofus?!?' But they did and nodded away at her jokestory or whatever. I thought about how she would handle it if I jumped in to let her know about her dental disruptor. She was so mid-story that it might be hard to recover from my bad news. On top of it because I was thinking all these thoughts instead of listening to the story it would be difficult for me to find the 'opening' to let her know -as I had no idea what she was even talking about. I decided I was going to keep my mouth shut and  started to have a growing paranoia that I had something stuck in my teeth too. So I focused on silently checking my own teetheys.

Anyway, she finishes up her story and everyone laughs (including me) but the laugh sounded half forced sort of. I couldn't tell if this was because of the teef situation or because the story sucked or maybe out of relief that she was now going to stop horrifying everyone.

It made me think back to one night a couple years ago when I was out with a bunch of people and I felt socially 'on' that night. Whenever I go out I never know if I'm going to be real shy or an entertaining guy who talks and stuff type person. It don't know what determines the way I am whenever but whatever. I remember heading home that night feeling pretty good because I was 'good' at dinner. Telling stories and stuff. But when I got home I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a big green thang done stuck in my dang dang toofus! I looked at it and was horrified. Doubley so when I realized that the green thing was from the SALAD which I had before dinner and dessert! So all night when I thought I was all Mr. Funny I was all looking stupid with a thing so big it almost looked like a gap in my teeth! How could no one have told me! Story after story! No one stepped up to the plate to let me know??

After I thought about that I decided I had to tell the girl with the teef situation that she had something stuck in her toofuses. She made a funny game of trying to get it and then smiling big and saying 'did i get it?' then trying again and again till she got it. It was so not a big deal at all and it was kind of fun. I just wish someone at the table with me a couple years back could have reached out and given me a heads up about the green thing stuck in my toofus too. Food on face or boogers or whatever people really have the right to know I think..

ok bye!