Witness Disappointment

I haven't had too much to write about for the last week or so (Stick shift cars? 8 inch Subway sandwiches? What's next? Writing about how in the past week or so two soda cans exploded in my fridge and how that sucked so bad to clean up and how I have a secret conspiracy theory that they've started making soda cans thinner to save money-- but does anyone want to read about that? I'm guessing no.)

That's why when a Jehovah Witness buzzed my buzzer today and told me he wanted to give me some literature, I didn't go with the usual 'not interested'-- I told him I'd be right down! I took a deep breath and opened the door. A well-dressed guy of unknown origin was standing there with a smile. I said, 'Hi.' and in an unplaceable accent he told me he'd like to leave me with some literature about Noah. He handed me two pamphlet thingees. One titled Awake and one titled The Watchtower (which I'm familiar with because they own a bunch of buildings right by dog park.)

This building looms over the dog park. It's worth like a zillion dollars now.

I thumbflipped through the two things and then looked up at him. He said, 'Ok thank you. Have a nice day.' And he turned to walk away. In my head I was like, 'Whoa! Where are you going? That's it?! Come back! Say something sales pitchy! Invite me to something! Ask me questions about the state of the world or my relationship with God!! Aren't you supposed to like talk to me more or something?! Theories about stuff? Come on in! I have an exploded soda theory to get the conversation started...!'

But nuttin doing. He just wanted to pass along this stuff and go on his way. He smiled, I thanked him and he joined some other guy at the bottom of my stoop and they headed down the street all nice nice. Grr... I dunno. Hopefully I made it onto some kind of secret list and they'll be back soon. We'll see...

ok bye!