The Poopy Paint Test

So a couple months ago, I headed to a hardware store with my Dad because I wanted to paint a room and needed to buy the stuff.

Basically my apartment has like four main rooms. My bedroom (literally a bed-room cause that's all there's room for in there). My computer room/office room. My TV/couch room. Then the living room area. (My kitchen and bathroom aren't worth mentioning really. They're actually pretty big... if I imagine I'm on a small boat.)

All my walls are painted basic white-- so I wanted to mix it up and have a one room a different color. The middle room is the TV room and that's the room I chose to paint.
It's the smallest and it's in the middle so it made the most sense.

The problem is it's not easy picking a color. At the hardware store fumbling with all those little cards with the subtle differences? Darker? Lighter? Which makes the room look smaller again? And what color? Tan? Grey? Blue? Off white? How the hell should I know! My couch is olive colored but I usually have a random sheet over it to hide the stains-- so it's sort of irrelevant in terms of matching it up. (Sometimes the sheet is like 1988 style with like bright colorful shapes and a weird grid so the walls can be whatever they want. I'm obviously not that picky.)

Anyway, after going thru a bunch of different colors cards I decided on a brownish, tannish, beigish darkish lightish color. Seemed neutral or whatever. I bought a can of the paint along with the roller thing and the tray and drop cloth and little brushes and all that. And all that stuff has been sitting in a corner for a couple months.  To be honest, the buying of the paint was such a big accomplishment for me that it sort of killed to motivation to go through with it all and actually do the job.

So, the other day a friend of mine who knows stuff about decorating stopped by and I told her about my concrete non-existent plans to paint sooner or later. She asked me what color I was going with and I told her it was a brown beige tannish situation. She told me that it's important to paint a spot on the wall first to test out the color before committing to painting a whole room. That seemed logical so I (finally) opened a paint can and painted a swattle (new word!) on the wall.

As soon as I was done-- she started laughing.





She told me that color looked like, 'Baby poop mixed with puke'. :-( I told her that wasn't the name they gave it in the store!! They called it 'Sandstone Cottage' or something! But I had to agree that something wernt right about that color. It did look like diarrhea or something and I was glad that I didn't paint my whole room because I'd probably feel like I was sitting inside of an upset stomach. Even if it's not that bad it'll always look like baby puke mixed with poop to me... or the other way around or whatever.

The problem now is... I got this poop smear swattle on my wall staring at me in the face all day while I watch the TV! Laughing at me for my color blindness! I guess it should be a constant reminder motivator to get me to paint! But what color!? I'm back to zero! And obviously I don't have a great eye for this kind of thing...

ok bye!