Pictures of the Week!

This round of photos were taking with my old junky camera with the dust inside the lens and stuff! Next round with brand new camera!

Man, I've been running around alot! Gotta stay inside this week... here go photos!

This dude was violining away in the subway (Brian Wilson?). He was way good and casual. Good acoustics in the subway has gotta be a motivator.

Here's a cute as a button button shop on the Upper East Side. Seems like a storybook place. Or maybe a future movie starring Renee Zelwigger.

All stuff all inside... and all stuff all outside.

Weird fence guarding a random wall with some kind of other dimensional wooden slug monsters crawling up it...

Wooden Slug Monsters! There they go! They were moving up the fence realllly slow.... I stared at them for three hours and they moved like 1 cm...

Bus view. That guy was friends with the bus driver. I took this secret style with the camera on my lap. (The other guy had a secret P...)

Another secret style bus photo taken from my lap. Kid had a way good time with the spinner...

Pretty much all cabs now have these tv screens in the back because there's just not enough video in the world...

Recently went to a show and seen the Magic Brian in action doing magic live in action! There he goes! He showed his butt.

Roscoe made it down to the shore this Saturday for some springtime beach action!

Dogs have like a beach metal detector thing in their nose--- except they don't find metal under the sand. They find stinky stinks.

Roscoe's got like beach camo!

I thought I was taking a sneaky picture on the crowded subway ride to the Yankee (vs' Mets!) game last night... but maybe not so sneaky.

Ol' Classic Yankee Stadium...

The future brand new Yankee Stadium! I thought I'd feel nostaglic for old Yankee Stadium but it wasn't so bad. That old stadium is really all fkt up...

(they've already started shutting down it seems. lack of vendors. no lids for soda anywhere. stuff all broken everywhere.)

And you know when you're still rockin the sprayed on stencils-- you're pretty old school.

All this activity to watch a bunch of millionaires dressed up in pajamas hitting a ball around...

My brother gets these awesome seats thru work sometimes! Went with him and nephews! Look how friggin close up! Awesomeness!

I was nervous the whole time that I'd space out and get smashed in the head by a foul ball.

Hey Churchy, I think sharted in my pants... Is it showing?

The Mets blew out the Yankees bad 11-2 and some of the drunk Met fans were real dicks about winning.
Yelling stuff like, 'Thanks for coming!...' And singing the nyaa nyaa heyyyy goodbye the Yankee fans as we walked out.

Bye bye old junky stadium...

ok bye!


PS. Also saw Mike Ness at the Stone Pony (never been before!) this weekend but they told me I couldn't bring a camera inside :-( so no pics)