The 1:5 Ratio

So I've always had sort of a very short attention span. Always was bad student because I couldn't really focus on one thing at a time. I'd have to doodle or whatever. As a "adult" I tend to multitask on stuff always. Not because I'm like hyper-organized-- but because I'm hyper-distracted. Even while watching TV... I'm distracted. I feel like I need to be doing something else. I just can't sit and watch a show like a normal person. I need flip thru the DVR menu and flag programs to record while watching whatever show I'm not really watching. I always have to distract myself with something.

But lately, I've noticed things have gotten even more hyper in terms of distractions in my head when it comes to work. Contrary to popular opinion-- sometimes I actually do have work to do. A freelance piece or whatever. After screwing around for way too long for starters-- I'll finally sit down to start working on it-- and will work for maybe a minute max before I'll get distracted and surf off somewhere. Then I'll get back to working for literally another minute before having something else pop into my head to pull me away for another five. Something to Google. Something to email off. Website stuff. Roscoe. Unless it's a total deadline crunch I'll screw around for five minutes for everyone one minute of work I get through. As a reward almost...

I realize this is a pretty common thing probably but it used to be I'd work for ten minutes then screw around for thirty minutes! Not this one to five stuff! It's like my whole distraction mindset has sped up to a degree that's boxed me into being near unproductive even while working hard! It's dangerously high! (are you distracted while reading this?) Red line high! But what the hell am I supposed to do? I work in front of my computer all day which is the biggest distraction in the world! I've tried shutting down my browser and email when working-- but I always open em back up again. I've tried to ween myself of checking crap like Perez or (better than Perez btw) because that stuff is super stupid disposable. But I can't do it! In fact I spend alot of time doing stuff to my computer to make my distracted life more convenient!

Just look at my stupid browser! I loaded it up with a fancy bar of fave site buttons a while ago! Every time I open my browser I'm hit in the face with all this! Just for starters!

WTF! Why'd I do that?! Like it wasn't bad enough with the bookmarks??! It's getting to the point where I think I have to take myself offline by yanking the modem plug out when I start work! I dunno. Maybe just get an egg timer or something that ticks down until I'm allowed to wander off again. I gotta change this pattern. (And no, I don't want to go on Ritalin).

Not sure if it's just me or not... but is the temptation toward distractions speeding up... like fast?

ok bye!