Itsy Spider Amazement

So I recently bought a little round BBQ grill and put it out on my fire escape and I've been grilling stuff up and it's been pretty coolio! I grilled up some veggies and fish and stuff! Anyway, I noticed between the bars of the fire escape a little spider in a little spiderweb. Hanging out. Sitting in the middle and waiting for something to get snagged in his web.

I sort of got semi-amazed by the whole spider web thing. It just seems really weird that anything could evolve to have web spinning abilities. WTF! That's crazy evolutionness! I understand evolving flippers to hands. Or growing wings to fly around or something. But how did the 'web' spinning thing really start up? It just seems wildly outside the box of evolution even in 1000,000,0000,000 years.

Anyway, I was out there cleaning the bottom of the grill and I saw a few flecks of ash blow into the little spider web. Just a few tiny pieces. And I was curious to see how my little spider friend would react. So, I stared at him -- and sure enough he wanders from the center of the web and heads to a piece of ash. I was like, 'Look! I made the spider do something!' And I see him fiddling around with ash. I felt sort of bad watching him. I figured he was bummed out that it wasn't a juicy gnat or something. Sad that it wasn't something to eat. Then all of sudden (almost with an audible <plink>) I see the piece of ash flicked off of the web and out in to the wind. Then he went to the second piece and flicked it off and then the third. Then he went back to sitting in the middle of his web. And waited. He totally cleaned off the ashes! To keep his web as invisible as possible.

I stared at this thing like, 'You friggin amazing little creature...You're crazy sitting there in your web.' And I got a little pang of... 'Man, if I could go back to school I'd study spiders! I'm now fascinated with spiders!!!' (I've had this with dolphins and whales too.)

Then I remember that bugs freak me out and I don't like being around them all that much. Unless they have superpowers! Like my little OCD spider friend!

ok bye!