Chicks Are Sex Hypocrites

So today I was walking past a newsstand and I glossed over some magazines-- and then took a second look at this month's Cosmo. The cover is all covered in sex! As per usual! In bright colors! People talk about how guys are sex crazed but it's really chicks who are obsessed pervs!

Look at these two mags side by side. Sure maybe photo-wise Maxim seems more smutty--- but it's Cosmo that's way more sexed out percentage wise!

Look at all that sex stuff! Why is it ok for chicks to read magazines like that in public?

Like it's totally acceptable for some chick to be reading articles like this while sitting on a bus!?

Look at that! But if some guy is reading Playboy on the bus (a much less sexual magazine) he gets looked at like some sort of scumbag perv! There's something about these women's mags that are like invisible for what they really are. Hiding in plain sight! Society just ignores the truth about them! I guess it's the lack of pictures. Like, I see some chick reading Cosmo I figure she's like figuring out how to like put on lipstick or maybe get told what color is good for the summer! Not reading stuff like 'Once he's rock hard...." etc... WTF! If I was reading a magazine that said on the cover in neon '50 Different Ways to Squeeze Tits!' and 'Smack Her Ass for Bonus Points!' girls would totally grump at me. What's with this double standard here?!

I dunno. It just think it's weird that chicks get a total pass on reading smut all day long but if guys had a 'respectable' mainstream magazine that covered the cover with the exact same thing in the exact same blatant way.... he'd be that pervy guy on the bus.

ok bye!

PS. Even the card thing is sexed up!