Freaked in the Middle of the Night

Last night I fell asleep around 2:45AM but woke up somehow an hour or so later. It was one of those hazy cloudy wakeups where you're like... whaaaa? whoo? whaaa? I do remember looking over at the clock and seeing it was 4:10AM. And I thought to myself, 'hmmm...4:10...ok... then turned over to head back to sleepyland again and continue whatever wacked dream I was having. But as I turned over I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I did a doubletake and I gasped. My eyes bugged out. I took in a breath super quick... because there was a person ..sitting in my chair the corner of my friggin bedroom!

I'm half blind without my glasses especially at night but I can make out shapes and stuff. And sitting in my chair was definitely a person! Legs on floor and kind of relaxed in the chair. I couldn't make out the face. I shocked myself to sit up in bed and gripped my blankee. I could hear my heartbeat rumble in my friggin ears and stared. I was still halfasleep but I actually said 'Hello?' I started squinting and looking closer to what was there and I realized it wasn't a person... duh... it was my jeans and shirt that I had tossed on the chair and they landed with the pants off the front and shirt like on the back of it with the sleeves down on the arms. It looked like a person with like a hood on or something, ok!? Just for a second. It was dark and I'm halfblind! I calmed me down with a deep breath and was like, 'holy shit... that was totally frickin freezy freaky.' But I was a little angry that my reflexes didn't make me jump out of bed and take on a karate stance or something. That I just gathered the blankets around my chin- instead of being a karate man ready for action. 

Anyway, I got back with the pillow and the blankee to go back to sleepyland but kept looking back at the corner just to doubletriplequasicle check.  And said in my head, just clothes... just clothes... just friggin clothes...  almost fell asleep then one more quick check. Still clothes. One more check couldn't hurt...ok... ok... then finally back to sleep.

ok bye!