The Great Couch Hunt (+ Pictures for the Week!)

So for like a year now I've been wanting to get a new couch. My current couch is collapsed and stained and ripped and gross and embarrassing-- and it folds out which I don't need because when people sleep over they just sleep on the friggin couch. (Does anyone fold out couches?) Anyway, it was time for the old couch to go... a year ago.

A year later, I'm still half-assed looking for a couch. Crate and Barrel. Pottery Barn. Local places. Jennifer. Leather. Not leather. Puffy. Not puffy. Pattern. No pattern? It's really hard deciding on a couch!

But recently a friend of mine who was half-assed looking on my behalf found a couch that I do really like! Problem is its like all pricey and stuff ($4200 before tax and shipping! Doh!) but as a general couch basic look-- I like it alot.

Here's a picture of the couch:

I like that it has low arms because it seems like they'd be good for my head and tv watching. I really like low arms like that. I like that its off the ground because I can like vacuum under it and its not a pain in the ass when Roscoe loses a bone or something underneath it and goes nuts. And I think it looks nice but its too expensive! So what I'm looking for is this style couch --but cheaper. And I can't find anything really like it anywhere...

So here's the deal! If you know furniture and where I can find a couch very much like this at a cheaper price and I end up buying the couch-- I will send you a gift certificate to amazon for $100 for a finder's fee-- and a signed book thanking you for the couch find and stuff.

Low arms. Comfyness. And it can't be longer than 84 inches (the wall is that size). That's it! Dealio?

Please send any suggestions and links to And thanks for your help!

ok bye!


PS. And here's some pictures for the week!