The Mysterious Strong Hair

I have one hair on my head toward the front that's strong. The rest of my hair has gradually receded over the years but this one single hair up front is as strong as ever. He grows faster than all the other remaining hairs and is much thicker. He sticks out. A relic from the original hairline. I wonder about that hair alot What does it know? Why is he so different? With all the peer pressure around him to abandon head he holds on. And stands tall. He might be the last hair on top of my head but he wants to stay. He doesn't care that he sticks out. He's not going anywhere. 

Sometimes people who notice him say I should pluck him. That he's weird all alone like that. But that's the last thing I would ever do. I occasionally cut him individually- but I would never pluck. I think it would be disrespectful or something and how am I supposed to know what the future holds for him. Maybe he'll convince other hairs to stand tall with him. Maybe he'll spread the genetic code he holds. Maybe some hairs that have bailed a long time ago will return. They will see the benefits of standing tall with strong hair. They will enjoy the company and gather together. But I don't know if the strong hair is waiting for that day to come or if he is doing what he is doing because it's what he wants to do. He may not be waiting for others join him. He is just doing as he sees fit. He is the strong hair and he will grow. If he is that last hair standing he will continue. 

I think of the strong hair as a symbol. When you seem to be losing everything around you it shouldn't affect how you handle a situation. Like strong hair. You stand tall. Keep going. Ignore the circumstance. And keep on doing what you do best... and ...or... or....  or maybe I really just have too much time on my hands right now sitting around analyzing a single friggin hair on my big melonhead.

ok bye!