Blinded by the Blind

So there's this blind guy in the neighborhood who walks around town with a seeing eye dog. A blonde labrador. And the first time Roscoe and I passed by him I was sort of stunned to see the seeing eye dog pulling way left towards Roscoe just to say hello. I pulled Roscoe in and the blind guy yanked the dog back in line. Good seeing eye dogs before are amazingly capable to ignore other dogs. And non-worker dogs seems to respect the fact that seeing eye dogs are at work. Like there's communication there that's like, 'Dude. Don't bug me. I gotta keep my eyes on the road.' But I've seen this dog a few times pull this guy around, stop to smell things or pull him into stuff or whatever and I'm like, 'WTF! What's with your terrible seeing eye dog who like cheated on the final or whatever?'

Anyway, today I was heading to the corner and I see this blind guy and his dog and I pull Roscoe over keeping a ways away so his dog doesn't get tempted to say hello to Roscoe. They head to the crosswalk and I watch them walk out into the street as the red flashing 'Don't Walk' sign was about to turn into the solid 'Don't Walk' sign. This is a busy 4 lane street! I'm like, 'Holy shit! That blind guy and his dog are walking into the road and the light is about to change! I thought about calling out but I didn't know what to even say. I saw people on the other side of the road doing the same thing. That weird feeling you get when you wanna help someone who is disabled but you're not sure if you should. (even though in reality if you think they might need some help you always should maybe step up.) Or everyone just assumed the cars would see the blind guy.

The blind guy and the dog are half way across the street when the light changes. On the double yellow line. Cars start to go and a van actually did a start and slam stop just before hitting the dog! Everyone was like, 'Holy smokes! That was almost the worst thing ever!' All traffic stops and the blind guy makes it to the other side of the street and passes through what looked like a whole slew of guilty faces for not stopping traffic over there once they saw what was going on.

But man, that seeing eye dog suckkkkks! He's practically just walking a dog. I don't know how that guy gets through his day or puts up with his flunky seeing eye dog bullshit. But next time I see it going wrong-- I'm gonna step up to help-- even if that means our dogs end up saying hello.

ok bye!





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