Sarah Palin Is Not "Qualified" (to be Vice President of the United States)

I don't do alot of political posting here because I end up getting a bunch of emails from people telling me they're never gonna visit my site again because of what I said or think. And that I should be above political rants because it's so common. But I sort of can't resist this time-- and it is What's Happening in my head so I figure I'll type it up and hope people won't go all, 'I'm never going to visit your site again, jerk...'

(Don't worry I'm not going to go all political btw. I realize everyone is sick of hearing opinions about stuff in general. Especially because for the most part nobody really knows what the hell they're talking about... including me. So keep that in mind...)

That being said, the other night I was out to dinner and I overheard someone talking about how Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President of the United States based on her experience. And it made me a little nuts. I wanted to jump into the conversation and argue! C'mon. She is obviously not "qualified". Yadda, I see smart people on TV dragging out stuff like she led the National Guard or that Alaska is a big state or whatever. Sorry. It is the equivalent of saying someone did an awesome job managing a Circuit City and boosted sales and now that person is qualified to be CEO of Microsoft. Think about how much stuff is going on at Microsoft... now think about the World. And in many ways America is a business.

The argument that she is qualified because Obama is not qualified either is a redonkulously junky argument. Let's say he's not-- then she is because why? Two wrongs.

But if she stands behind the things you deeply believe (right to life or religion etc)-- and those things are a priority to you then vote away based on that! Of course! But I just ask to please stop with that she's "qualified" to be Vice President of the United States. She's not. McCain can drop dead on day one-- regardless of being a Republican or Democrat-- if that concept isn't a little scary with everything going on-- then you are drinking the Kool-Aid and it is spilling all over your shirt.

Was she a brilliant choice when it comes to winning an election? Maybe! Is she a great communicator? Obviously! Is she smart? Sure! Is it worth something that she's a hockey mom in the grand scheme? Who knows.... But the truth is she was picked because McCain wants to win. It's political.

This is not about her being a woman. Or from Alaska. Or because she hasn't been a Governor for that long. Or Wasilla was small. And this is NOT a republican or democrat thing. It really is about actual "experience".

Argue she's more qualified as Obama! Fine! Argue that she's only running for Vice President not President! OK! Argue Obama sucks! Fine! Argue Biden is a weirdo! Argue that experience in politics is just another word for corruption! Ok! Argue she can learn on the job! Argue that you've decided that someone with less experience can get through the bullshit easier! Fine! Argue that you always vote Republican and that's that! Ok! Argue democrats are too wimpy! Argue she's genuine! Fine! Argue that you get a good vibe from her and trust your instincts! Ok!

Arguing that she's actually "qualified" to be Vice President of the United States based on her experience(s)? C'mon.

ok bye!



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