I'm Not an Extra Large!

For years, I assumed I was an extra large in shirt size. Every shirt. Extra large. Some of them were super big too. I actually have a shirt in my closet from The Gap back in the day called 'The Big Shirt'. Big shirts used to be the thing maybe? Or was it never?

I remember back in the day when I "worked" stuff tucking giant shirts into my pleated khakis and slapping a tie on them. Walking around with the big billowy oversized shirt hanging over my sides. That was the look? Wasn't it? Or was it just me being wrong out on a limb. I'd constantly be reaching into my fly to pull the shirt down from the inside because it would ride up. (Well, maybe not 'constantly' but I remember I'd do the fly move every chance I get).

I'm 6' 1" 200 lbs! All muscle too!!!  (well some muscle... delts or something... well...  ok i have muscles in general...) So isn't my size an "extra large"? It seems extra large. But I ain't. Not sure if fashion changed or my awareness of fashion changed or my body changed-- but most of my shirts are unwearable if I ever want to be 'dressed up'.  My standard outfit is jeans with a button down shirt untucked. That's what I do. Whenever I go out that's my "look". (I'm wild) But for the most part my closet is filled with shirts that don't work for that look apparently! They look more like smocks! Totally covering my whole butt and going like mid-thigh. Shirt after shirt. I'll try it on. It'll be too big. It goes back in the closet. Only recently did I start paying attention to actual length and realized that if I am swimming in a shirt-- it probably ain't right.

Sure I'll wear the too big shirts around town because I don't really care bout my around the town look. Bigger the better whenever. But if I'm going out to a dinner or something... realistically I have maybe 4 shirts that actually fit.

Problem is-- all these shirts hanging in my closet are perfectly nice shirts! Comfy! They're just all too big for my casual style! Only recently did I take shirt length into consideration! Not sure why it took me so long to catch on. Probably just some blurry fashion hangover from the 80's or whatever. But if I could only just shrink those shirts I'd be styling! The only other option? Putting on 20 lbs or so and finally make em fit right. Have a newly rounded gut actually pull it up...


ok bye!



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