Browser Commitment Phobe

For whatever reason I'm constantly searching for a new browser. Mainly because I have issues with every browser I try. The issues are specific to my stupid computer so sometimes I look to solve these problems by finding a silver bullet browser.

Here's my situation with each browser:

Internet Explorer

Surprisingly I find IE to actually be the most stable browser that gives me the least crashes-- but I don't like how the browser has that Microsoft taint of 'designer assuming everybody in the world likes things his way'. Like I don't like the idea that you can't move the Home button or toolbar somewhere else. Stuff is where it is permanent style. Locked. Plus I like adding buttons to various webpages into my browser. I like my browser to look like this.

But I can't just have buttons alone on that top bar in IE. IE demands 'words' next to the buttons. You have to 'name' them. Takes up space and resentment. So I moved on to Firefox.


I like Firefox but I have a personal issue with that I can't solve. It refuses to remember by user name and passwords! I can't fix it! I'm sort of like a wide open websurfer. Gimme a cookie! I don't care! Gimme a trojan! Virus me up! I ain't a tech coward! Low security! (What happened to the virus writers anyway? Was that just a trend? Now it seems just to be about pop up ads and information transfer! Bor-ring! It used to be about the crashing and deleting, dudes! Get with the program! Grow some nuts and bring down the net!)  Anyway, I can't use Firefox because it refuses to remember my name and I can't fix it. And I'm insulted by that as if I'm meeting someone for the 20th time and they're calling me Tom.


I tried this new one a while ago. Seems coolio but a little too friendly. Like a Pinkberry or something. It's the 'Social Browser' although I'm not very social. And for a while I really liked it. I was like, 'I found my browser!' Flock! I didn't really care for all the tie ins to social networking stuff. But it remembered my name! It let me have my browser button situation. But then I noticed every other time I clicked on a video on youtube or whatever it would freeze up for a few seconds. And sometimes I'd have to restart the browser for it to remember how to watch a video properly. Plus, it didn't know how to play video on certain news sites. So it had to go in the garbage can usage-wise.


When Google came out with 'Chrome' (bad name) I was like, 'This has GOT to be my browser!' I like Google stuff! I downloaded it and for a day or so it was totally coolio... except for the fact that it was crashing every other page or so. I appreciated the quick startup thing and recovery. It opens faster than any browser I think. But it feels all sorts of beta and stuff and I can't go there yet and stuff. Too crashy and clutzy.

So now I'm in this weird zone of using all of my different browsers all at the same time. Whatever I'm in the mood for. Which I don't think is technically healthy mentally. I gotta commit to a browser dammit! I gotta settle in on one of these and just screw the rest! But there's issues! I mean what am I supposed to do at this point? Try Opera? I think that one has banner ads built in or something. That doesn't sound right!

Sort of missing Netscape at this point. I dunno. It's annoying because once I lock into a program I am dedicated 110%! I'm typing this on friggin Frontpage for crying out loud!!

That's it. Sorry to bore you with my extraordinarily boring browser issues...

ok bye!