Update on Stuff in General and Stuff

I know I've been a little bit squirrely with stuff lately and mainly tis because there's not all that much to report and I'm afraid of jinxes...

And nothing is ever what it may be until it actually is....

But I'll give an update on stuff in general on stuff and that'll be that and stuff! First!

Roscoe update!

-Roscoe is doing aok. He hasn't learned anything new (still can't drive. still can't open a can. still can't hold a job.) because he's limited. But he's adjusted to having less toofuses in his head just fine. And yes, I've been brushing his teeth a couple times a week which he seems to tolerate all grumpy style. I try and do it when he's half asleep- so maybe he thinks he's dreaming he's hating having his teeth brushed?

-He's also made some new friends over the last few months. Including my friend Liz (who lost her dog 'Vegas' a couple months ago-- I wrote about that.) She has a new pooch named Scarlett now! Who gets along great with Roscoe! Coolio! He also got in a fight with a Chow and won easily. The other dog started it...

-Roscoe has a habit where he needs to bark at me every night for some reason. I call it "Getting his barks out". He'll bark at me for like 10 minutes straight and look at me sideways then bark some more. It's almost like frustrating conversation for him. Makes me feel bad that he can't talk. After I get sick of his barking I stuff a bunch of treats in an old sneaker and tuck it in good and give him that as a project. It's a weird routine. He's a nice guy.

Me update!

Lately I've been feeling pretty good!

-(Except for the other night I was out at some place and some 23 year old chick asked a friend of mine how old I am and he said, 'He's 48...' And she was like, 'Oh...' He said it as a joke at me but it didn't go over. She believed I was 48! I'm 30-umm... something! I asked her if she really thought I was 48 and she said something about Bruce Willis and baldness throwing her off. I dunno. That wasn't so coolio. Maybe 23 year old girls just see everyone over 35 years old and bald as 'dad looking' or something? Or something...? Or?)

-I think if anyone ever asks, 'Guess how old I am?' The answer should always be 12.

-Yeah, I did finally order a couch finally! But it's not going to be here for like 10 weeks. I hope I didn't screw up. We'll see. I got a good price for it and it seemed comfortable. I got pet friendly fabric and stuff too. Psyched about that. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Next obsession will be a new HDTV...

-(And no I'm not married yet and have no kids and I'm still not gay neither. So that's like that with that.)

Other Stuff update!

- I've been trying to move stuff along as per usual and hopefully good things are coming!

- I'm working on new toonages for here and a new Mep game is in the works with AE4RV. (We're working to have the game done by the winter maybe?) I apologize for not being as productive as I'd like to be here (and for dropping the ball totally on monthly toons. i knew that was a tall order.). I can't walk and chew gum at the same time and found out I have to learn to do both. So I've been trying to keep everything in the air and chugging along here-- while also making sure I don't end up all broke and stuff. I found out again that monay is like important and stuff..

- The Odd Todd movie has started lurching forward again out of the blue surprisingly! There's like real hollywood people who seem interested in maybe making it and stuff! (At least people are talking about it) I'll hopefully know something in the next month or so. Fingers crossed and no jinx by me saying something please god of jinx!

- So to keep the lights on, I'm finishing another series of science cartoons for America's Test Kitchen which should start airing in January! I can't tell you when those go on the TV because they air at different times all over the place. ATK is a way coolio kitchen show in general-- so if you ain't watching it and dig cooking... you're like mental in the head or something if you're not watching it.

- Also just recently, I agreed to do a bunch of toons for a new TV show that's coming on IFC (Independent Film Channel)! Quickie toons about the media and stuff! Sorta different and coolio! I'll letcha know more about that as it gets closer and stuff. They should start airing in November. And gonna do more toons on ABC News in the coming months hopefully.

All this stuff helps keep me with food in my fridge and my site alive and healthy and still annoying advertising free!

That's pretty much that with stuff. I really appreciate your patience. Extra now especially. There's nothing I care about more than this website so it upsets me when I feel like I'm being all slackidaisical here. I'm doing my bestest. Promise. And hey! It's coming up on the 7th year anniversary! So I'm happy to still be going along as I go! I really do appreciate my good fortune-- even if I don't have a fortune.

Extra thanks to everyone who sends in nice supportive emails-- and to people who contribute and help with the website. Thanks for hanging in there with me :-)

Goodies in the works as per usuals!

Bestest of good vibes to y'all



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