Triple Yogurt Threat

So all of a sudden three new yogurt places opened nearby. For years we only had Tast-T-D-Lite and that was that. But I never really liked Tast-T-D-Lite. I never trusted their stats and something is weirdly thick about the frozen goop they serve. Plus, the kids working there are always too stoned or something. Now there's three (three!) new yogurt places to choose from! Pop! Pop! Pop! They opened up. One is Yogo Monster, second is Red Mango, and the third one I haven't been to yet because it looks way too girlie. I forgot the actual name but the whole place looks like a 80's tampon ad or something. I've ignored it.

The first one I tried was "Yogo Monster". First off, I wasn't happy that their stupid yogurt was like $7.00 (medium with toppings) but it was pretty tasty and they have these gummy rice cakey nuggets and alot of fresh fruit. Toppingwise it was fun. I like the blueberry flavor and according to my punch card I've been there four times. Three more punches and I get a free one! I guess I'm ok with Yogo Monster but somehow the place feels weirdly haunted. Like it was built in a haunted space and the ghosts are mad. (Cold spots and stuff). The atmosphere makes me feel like some thing is whispering in my ear for me to get the hell outta there...

Then Red Mango opened. I had to give it a try and was happy to stop supporting the haunted yogurt shop. Red Mango looked pretty similar to Yogo Monster except it had... more of a red thing going... and more mango themed... or something. Not haunted either. Topping-wise they had the same rice cakey things too! The yogurt was pretty much the same as Yogo ...  but I'll never go back to Red Mango! Here's why. The nice girl behind the counter did up my cup of yogurt from the machine. Then weighed it on a scale. Then she added my rice cake toppings. Then weighed it again. Then she added my strawberries. And weighed it again! I was like, "Are you kidding? You just opened and your manager is all concerned with the friggin pennies already?!" I hate that crap! I fired Red Mango on the spot... Bad call! Pretend you're generous! Especially when you're overcharging!

So two down. One to go. Maybe I'll break down and try the tampon themed barbie yogurt later this week-- but life would have been much easier if they just opened one local yogurt shop... and if they didn't charge $7 for their stupid yogurt!

ok bye!


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