Official: PC For Life

(PS. This morning I dropped Roscoe off at day care for a special treat (it's farrrr away) and a long walk in the rain. Serious downpour situation. On the way, back I picked up a coffay and bagel. I get back here and immediately did the math. Key to house on Roscoe's leash + Leash at daycare with Roscoe + Landlord away on vacation + No access to spare key + Locked out totally+ Raining hard. I was extra pissed was because on the long walk there I kept reminding myself to take the key off the leash (take the key off the leash!)-- but for some reason I couldn't just do it on the walk. I decided I'd do it when I got there. It's gotta be the ultimate procrastination terribleness. All I was doing was walking along. Why in frog's name couldn't I just take the key off right then and there? I have no idea.

So I left my coffee and bagel under my open umbrella on my stoop and went down the block buzzing buzzers. Three down someone answered. Someone I've seen around. I told her  I wanted to come into her house and climb over her back fence. She wasn't thrilled. I wiped my feet as best I could but still tramped wetness through her house (which she was cleaning at the moment). Into a flooded backyard. Over fence one. Splash down in deep puddle. Over fence two. Nearly jumping down onto a chair. (These are wooden fences so you have to get to the top and basically launch yourself off.) Into my backyard and up the 2-story ladder and fire escape stairs and through my window. Then downstairs to get my cold coffee and bagel and I'm sitting here drinking it and eating it while in a bad mood.)

ANYWAY, I bought a new computer.

This ol' Dell has seen its better days (coming up on four years old) and lately with stuff I'm working on I got a real need for speed and memory. I knew I didn't want to get another Dell because the last two computer I got were Dells and I had unnecessary issues with both. I didn't want to go back to Gateway because there are too many nightmare stories online even though they get good reviews now. Old school Compaq? Boring HP? Backwoods cousin Acer? I dunno. I didn't wanna go there.

So the question came up again. Should I get a Mac? Should I really break down and betray John Hodgkins from the Mac/PC ads? And go over to the light sunny side? All I've heard from friends is that I'm an idiot for still being on PC. I was really torn about it. But after I long debate I stayed with PC. I bought a Velocity Micro PC (I googled around a ton and people seem to dig em) and it has this coolio cheesy blue light on the side which I'm pretty geek psyched about!!! Total Star Trek stylee! Like futuristic!!! And I wanted something seriously kick-ass considering it's my #1 thing. Plus, I'll be able to game again!

SHHWWEEET! The chicks are gonna know for a fact that I rock with my new blue lit PC! Chicks gotta love it! Chicks love light! (It'll be here in a week or so!)

Anyway, the main reason for the non-switch is mainly straight out laziness. The idea of taking on the serious project of getting ALL new programs and games that work on Mac and learning a new shebang with the fancy swirly at the bottom or whatever. (I realize it wouldn't be a major learning curve but it's still a job) Plus I still have doubts about Kool-Aid style Mac superiority. It just cancelled out the debate. I couldn't slow down for Mac! I need to keep moving, baby! I'm like a shark! I can't take a month off to steal/borrow all new programs! And start transferring over files! And all that geekjazz! Not when there's blue light PC staring at me in the face-- built for speed and video and sound! (I did order it with XP though to save face).

Anyway, that's that. I realize that if I was ever going to switch over to Mac it would have been right then and there. The timing was right. The vibe on PC with Vista is at a low. And I still didn't go for it. Call me a nerd or old man PC or whatever. FU! I don't see your Mac having the side-view coolio blue light situation! Plus I actually like John Hodgkins more than that 'cool' dude who isn't Zach Brack but that other guy! What's his face?!

ok bye!

PS. If you were going to suggest I should have built my own computer. I thought about that too.


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