The Radio Shack Show Stopper (+ pics)

So yesterday morning I had to go to Radio Shack to get some stuff or whatever. On the way there I got myself a big cup of coff... umm...  (ok! i admit it! i got myself a pumpkin spiced latte venti sized at starbrucks! ok there! i like the pumpkinness ok?!) Probably only had a couple sips before going into Radio Shack.

There were three workers in there (two girls and a guy) and they were all happy to see Roscoe. We were probably the first customers of the day. They told him he was cute. (Nobody told me I was cute). I got my stuff (cable splitter and extension cord) and walked toward the counter. The cashier girl was shaking a box of 'Scooby Snacks' (actual Scooby branded dog treats). She told me that she got them for halloween dogs but not alot came into the store. She was disappointed so she was extra happy to give a treat to Roscoe.

Roscoe got up on his hind legs and put his front paws on the counter (his move). Radio Shack girl gave him a treat that said 'Zoinks' on it and he ate it. Then Roscoe got up on his backlegs again and did a little off balance walk that was very cute and made everyone laugh. Roscoe got another Scooby snack for his effort. I told the girl how Radio Shack should always have dog treats because Roscoe actually pulls me into stores that give away treats and it's actually good for their business. Like the wine store gives out treats and I end up buying more wine from that place just because the dog pulls me in there. I told her she should call corporate and make it Radio Shack policy to give out dog treats. She started teasing me about my dog being the boss of me and we all laughed some more.

All in all it was a good time in Radio Shack with the Radio Shack people. Laughing at Roscoe. Laughing at our own jokes. Laughing about dogs. Laughing about Scooby snacks. Then I don't know what happened but in an instant I did something 100% wrong and knocked my practically full giant cup of coffee completely out of my hands. It flipped in the air and hit the ground exploding the top off and splashing all over the display cabinet and spilling out all over their carpet. It was everywhere. Like a coffee grenade went off...

All the laughing stopped in an instant. I broke into apology mode and said I would clean it up. The guy grabbed some paper towels and waved me off. The girl told me not to worry about it. I insisted on the paper towels but the guy refused as he cleaned off the front of the cabinet leaving coffee style smears on the glass. The carpet had a huge puddle of coffee that was slowly disappearing as it soaked in. I stood there watching the guy dab it up feeling like a jerk. On my final apology he basically said, 'I got it...' In a tone that said, 'Why don't you and your stupid dog just get the hell out of here...'

I sadly walked away looking back once at my Radio Shack 'ex-friends' that probably were annoyed that my clumsiness flipped our good time into an instant bad time. And realized how quickly I flipped from good time nice guy with dog... into a pumpkin latte drinking a-hole with dog. I considered doing the thing where I would head back into Starbucks and tell them the story to score a free latte-- but I was feeling too much like a jerk to be that extra jerky guy...

ok bye!


PS. Here are some pics. I know I've been slacking on pics but here's what I clicked...

Here's Roscoe and Scarlett waiting outside a restaurant. Scarlett is a friend of mine's puppy (Liz, the person who owned Vegas).
She's overprotective and put her own sweater on her dog because she felt like the dog was cold even though it was like 45 degrees outside.

Some guy added blood to this. I liked the effect of it dripping outside of the poster. But I wondered what whoever did it was doing with 'blood' in the subway...

These guys came in and played bongos and drums and stuff. I joined in by bongo-ing some chicks boobs sitting next to me. It didn't go over well. It was apparently 'inappropriate'.

Casket warehouse. Seemed weird to take a picture in there for some reason. I dunno. I guess they gotta be stored somewhere.

Getting caught up with saving animals is slippery slope...

Sorry these pictures are too small. I shrunk em all by accident and now am too lazy to go back...

For the last time! No domping! Goddompit!

Some jerk stole this awesome spider someone put up...

If you're hitchhiking and this van pulls up... Jump right friggin in! Adventure time! Vroommm!

I found out late today that it was NYC Marathon day. By the time I got there it looked like this.

And these guys were the only two around...

Another awesome vehicle for hitchhiking adventures! Adventure!

Am I a dork?

ok bye!

PS. Don't hitchhike.


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