Police Activity Fantasies

Anyway, today I was walking Roscoe down the street and a cop car pulled over right near us. Two cops (man and a woman) got out and had sort of a mumbly conversation-- then they went up to a basement apartment door and buzzed the buzzer. A couple dogs inside started barking like crazy. I stood there on the street with curiousness bubbling up. Police activity!! I noticed the guy cop had his hand resting on his gun. I was like, 'That guy has his hand on his a gun!' (Although I know that's gotta be a pretty standard move. It's still always coolio..)

So I had two choices.

1. Continue my walk down the street-- (As whatever is going on there is 1000% none of my business).


2. Wait it out to see what happens. (Risking being the pedestrian rubbernecker staring at something that is 1000% none of his business).

The cops buzzed the buzzer again and got no answer. Only dogs barking. I went with #2. I had to wait it out. I walked a respectable distance away and mentally blamed my loitering on my dog sniffing the ground. I started thinking about what might be happening in that apartment. Fat shirtless guys crazily flushing drugs down the toilet? Girls hiding guns? Ooh! Loading guns?! Is it a cartel? Secret Al Qaeda nest? Is there some boss whispering panicked strategy on the fly?

The cops buzzed the buzzer again. The dogs were now barking non-stop and they sounded mean.

Maybe all of a sudden dogs would be shoved out of the 2nd story window down at the cops!! Flying pitbulls all kamikaze!? Would the cops have to shoot the dogs? I didn't wanna see that! :-( Would the bad guys come storming out guns blazing as the cops backed away returning fire?! Would a stray gun spin to a stop at my feet? Would the cops yell on the radio for backup as the bullet-to-metal sound lit up their car? Would the pop of gun shots not be as loud as I expected!? (One of those personal intimate moments in the heat of the high action that I wouldn't know about.) Would I stand frozen in my tracks as one of the bad guys notices I'm staring at them? I'd see his face! Would I finally snap out of it and dive behind the garbage can yanking Roscoe just in time? Or maybe I'd have to run down the street serpentine style as an uzi blast of bullets peg up all around my feet? Would I later have to embarrassingly give an eyewitness report as the cops snickered about the big wet stain in the front of my pants?

I don't know what it is with police activity but it always spins my wheels movie-style. I get my hopes up. A car gets pulled over I assume it's gonna turn into a violent arrest with the drunk driver getting donkey punched into submission. Even a cop in a convenient store makes me think there's a robbery that's about to happen or some stuff is gonna go down that's gonna send me flying into the chip display. Police helicopter overhead instantly means that there's a killer on the loose.

But 99 out of 100 times it's always a fortunate disappointment. No action. Nothing exciting. And when these cops walked away from the unanswered door looking unconcerned. I noticed for the first time that the woman cops was carrying a big clipboard. If it was a high risk call--there probably would be no big clipboard involved. Oh well. I stopped my loitering and I continued my walk down the street with Roscoe... him of course utterly aware how lucky we were once again to avoid the avoidable.

ok bye!


PS. No this isn't me thinking cop scariness is fun. Just what goes thru my head when I'm staring. I'm amazed and respect cops to no end. They go toward the gun fire.


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