Bad Plant Dad

I don't know what to do about my plant and it's bumming me out a little. When I bought my plant about a year or so ago it looked sort of like this. But since then its gotten worse and worse looking. I've tried pretty much everything. More water, less water, plant food, changed the soil, talking to it (once), leaving it outside on the fire escape for a while, move it away from the window, toward the window, I put a plastic frog in the dirt, I bought these like food sticks that you jam in there and they supposedly like that. I called the nursery place where I bought it but they were no help. I paid them $40 for this friggin plant and the sneaky cute gardener chick upsold me on a pot $35. Now here is my plant.

Ever since the first week I got the stupid plant it's been a slow decline. Leaves browning. Stems dying. Once a week I pull dead leaves off of him. I can't go and throw him out cause it seems mean- but if there is no chance of recovery maybe it would be for the best.  I'm thinking the plant might look so bad because the place I bought it from was like a hothouse and these apartments in nyc are all dry so I figure that must be the problem. That it is just drying out or something. The cute gardener chick probably knew it was a death sentence for these frickin plants in nyc. I don't live in a sauna and they should know that plant isn't gonna make it in an apartment. Totally wrong of them gardeners acting all nice nice like they so love plants... 

But it's possible that I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I'm a bad plant dad. Maybe I'm at him too much to grow. Moving him here and there. More food, less food. Light then less light then more light maybe has set him off balance somehow.  Maybe I should just leave him alone to sort out his own issues and not be all overly involved. Maybe the plant is just friggin sick of me. Rebelling or something. Either way I know that the next plant I get is gonna be a frickin cactus. If that sucker dies then at least I know it's personal.

ok bye!