In Defense of Vista

Warning: Geeky!

So I have Vista now. And guess what!? It hasn't caused a fire burning my apartment down. It hasn't urinated all over my sound card. It hasn't spun off one of those internal fans taking a chunk out of my leg. It hasn't corrupted me or my files. It hasn't added 'PS. My penis is way, way out!!! Sending bmp fotoz to you L8R! ROFL!' as an undeletable signature to all my emails. And no it hasn't brought down my neighborhood powergrid.

Vista is just fine. (so far)

When I ordered my new computer, at first I was gonna go with good ol' XP. I've heard so much trash talking about Vista that I didn't want to deal with it. But being a modern geek I went ahead and took the plunge into Vista. It worried me. I got scared I was gonna get popups all over the place asking me to 'OK' or 'CANCEL' every thing I wanted to do. I didn't want some operating system that was going to slow everything down to sloth speed. Or give me blue-screen errors once or twice a day while it sorts out its emotional problems. I wondered which of my essential programs will be uninstallable or worsely-abled whatever. I believed the hype that Vista was a big annoying failure and I'd end up formatting and starting over again in XP.

Granted, Vista has nothing impressively fancy besides some worthless desktop tile feature. It has issues. Like it didn't fix the annoying Microsofty assumption that any folder with alot of mp3s should be sorted as if its a music library with TITLE and ARTIST and stuff. I'm like, 'This folder is just files of me making crazy noises! Stop thinking it's anything but! I wanna sort by DATE MODIFIED dammit!' And some of my old classic programs couldn't come along for the ride (bye bye Snag-It 5). Vista also killed both my scanner and my printer. Neither HP nor Canon had Vista drivers for either. They're both sitting on the floor over there next to my sleeping dog.

Anyway, I do believe that if your computer isn't that powerful--- Vista probably super sucks. It know it would have turned my old machine into a cranky old hound with narcolepsy. But the truth is-- on my old machine I used to get more crashes. I do work in Flash and sometimes the program would just literally like disappear. Poof! And whatever wasn't saved would disappear with it. That hasn't happened. Also XP had weird stuff like my microphone would take it upon itself to default to something wacky for no reason. Restarts would take forever. Things were always feeling fragile etc. Blah blah...

Granted, Vista has no wow factor to it at all really-- but Vista is ok! (And no I'm not typing this up to throw it in the face of Mac people. Or prove I'm happy with my choice of PC). All I'm saying is that so far in my 2-3 weeks experience with Vista I haven't had any real issues. (OK maybe a blue screen and a weird restart...) So whatever the guy that isn't Zack Braniff says on TV-- I'm thinking Vista has gotten a bad rap. (Knock wood)

However, I would like Windows 7 to come out sooner than later... because I don't want to get too used to this version of what can become historically just a super-sized Windows Me II. (Plus I have some mild OCD around 7.)

ok bye!


PS. Only an honest to goodness dork would have the balls to have Windows 7 wallpaper...


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