The Forever Burn of Phoebe Cates

So the other night I was flipping channels and Fast Times at Ridgemont High was on. Although it was late into the movie (Mr. Hand was schooling Spicoli in his bedroom. Yea?) but just a clip of that movie causes such a vivid flashback that it may realistically may be one of my fondest memories of all of life.

It's the fantasy scene of Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool to the song Moving in Stereo by The Cars. Although I can realllly do without (but successfully block out) the image of Judge Reinhorn having his slappity slap personal moment while wearing a pirate uniform, the moment will go down in my personal cinema history as a finest moment.

At the time, (I was probably 13 or whatever) there weren't boobs everywhere like there is today. And if they were around they were sort of flashes or goofball moments like Porky's shower spy or whatever. But to this day in movie world nothing really comes close to the amped joy when Phoebe Cates actually popped open that bikini top. I remember watching it (pre-boobs) and thinking how coolio it was just to be seeing a girl in a bikini. I didn't expect her to actually show them for some reason! The surprise blast of happiness when she went for it seared my brain scalding it so bad that I don't think my mouth closed for a full day. I just didn't expect it and it replaced Atari as the World's Greatest Gift. 

Granted, the scene doesn't end so happily with Judge being all busted for fantasizing up stuff in the first place (ew) and it's gross. But for some reason this one hit home as a drive to 'grow up fast'. It all came together in that scene. It looks so good. The mist in the background. The guitar strum. The red suit. The smile. The art of it. It all just came together in such a amazingly burny brainial memory that I blame it for my ending up a bad student for the rest of my life. 

ok bye!


PS> Here's some pictures for the week!

PPS. Here's the scene if you wanna see (block out Judge!) NSFW!


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