Pictures for the Week

Pumpkins just get scarier and scarier. I think people should leave them out year round... (is that a cowboy waving in the eye?)

Virgin Mary statue looking over dinner diners at this local restaurant place...

They were having an anniversary that night so I drank this drink. I don't usually like drinks that come in glasses like this.

To celebrate they brought out a couple dancing girls. Here's a flashless picture I took. (Seems tacky to take flash pictures of dancing girls).

They danced with clamshell feathers which was pretty coolio to watch all old school stylee...

Here's the last picture I took before I put my camera away feeling pervy or something (alot of people were taking pictures tho)

Both building and sign strike me as circa 1973.

I did a sneaky picture at a movie screening of Frost Nixon.
From right to left. Ron Howard, screenwriter guy, Brian Glazer, and moderator guy.
They all seemed pretty nice. I felt guilty for passing out on their movie... but I was tired!

The beginning of the two week of uncomfortable 'too white' new sneakers. Everyone's got a glance or a comment.
I think Stan Smith's break in slower these days. Something about the downgraded pleather or whatever the hell they make em out of now...

Took this picture from a cab window. I think it turned out pretty coolio...

Those guys were next door. Sorry for the blurry. The cab started pulling away...

Not quite as interesting art you can find on the street. Where do they park this thing? Under a bridge next to the Spray Paint/Magic Marker factory?

Not the greatest tribute to Biggie I'd ever seen...

Don't wanna road rage up on the dude who has a plate like that. (Took me a while of mouthing words to figure it out.)

Some bridge. On first glance I thought was cool looking and on second glance I thought it was ugly ugly.

Broken stuff I can't afford...

Uh oh spaghettio!


My new couch finally came! Here's the old one sitting in front of my place. All sad. But someone took it away the next day!

Hopefully it found a good home...

And here's the new one! Simple and fine. And simply fine! Coolio!

That's it!

ok bye!


PS. One of the dancing chicks can be found at>>>

<< PPS. Read the Phoebe Cates thing...


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