Can I Steal This Bike?

So over month ago a bicycle appeared in front of my place chained up to a pole.

This bike:

It appeared one day and never left. The pole it's chained to is the pole where I lean my flattened cardboard boxes when I put them out for recycling-- so I immediately noticed it and flagged it for being in the way. A week went by. Then two. And I was like, 'WTF! When's this dude coming for his bicycle?! It's in the way of my recycling leanto situation!'

Now it's a month. It definitely hasn't moved. I see it every time I walk out of the house and it's in the same spot. The seat of the bike disappeared a few nights ago. I expect the tires will be the next to go. Eventually just the frame will be left. I've seen 'just frame' bikes all over town.

What happened here!? How'd someone just leave the bike? The bike is in good shape! It has a strong lock so the person who left it cared enough to put a good lock on it! What the hell happens when someone ditches a perfectly good bike? (And a good lock!)

I have three theories...

1. He chained it up and then forgot where he chained it up and flat out lost it. (Something I would definitely do. I've done it with cars.)

2. Parked the bike. Walked around. Did stuff. Came back to the bike and took a look at it and said, 'Yknow what? Go F yourself...' And walked away. (personal reasons)

3. Where ever the person went-- that's where they got totally murdered. And this bike is a serious clue for the cops or whatever and he's like all buried up in someone's floorboards BUT is never going to return for the bike.

4. Lost the key to the lock and just said screw it.

Who knows.

So here's the dealio.

I think I want the bike.

I've been thinking about getting a bike for a while and even though it's winter this abandoned bike seems like a nice gift for myself. The owner doesn't seem to really care. It's getting rained on. Soon it will be snowed on. And I feel it's sort of falling into the 'finders keepers' category. (Plus, it's blocking my recycled boxes leanto so I want it out of there one way or another!)

So am I allowed to clip the lock and take it inside? How does one go about clipping a lock? Blow torch? Is it really stealing if I steal something that's abandoned? If I got busted clipping the lock could I explain this to a cop? Or would I go to the clink? How much time needs to go by before it qualifies as 'stealable'?

I dunno.

Alls I know is it stares at me in the face everyday and makes me wonder... And I want it.

ok bye!



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