Street Bump Surprise

So anyway if I'm walking down the street and I coincidentally see someone I know and they haven't seen me yet-- I usually handle it a few different dickish ways. If it's a guy I'll either go up and shove them or walk by with a really hard shoulder bump like a dick. If it's a chick I'll like walk in front of them and then slam on the brakes so they bump into me and get annoyed. Or I'll reach from behind and fake rummage in their purse. I think it's fun to give someone a little shocker on the street and it's always a good time to see their reaction. Like if I'm rummaging in a chick's purse she either might snatch it and look like she's ready to fight like a cat or she might pull it close look scared. Either way it's fun for me! Yes, I'm that jerk-- but I'm willing to take the dick hit for my own amusement.

Anyway, today I was walking down the street with Roscoe. (The sidewalks were pretty empty cause the weather was all icey and cold). Roscoe stopped to smell a tree and I was looking back at him waiting for him to take in whatever redunklous dog information he was deciphering from the smell. When all of a sudden WHAM! someone bumped into me hard. Like chest to chest. My first thought was it was one of my friends doing my bump move back to me. But there I was like nose to nose with a complete stranger in sunglasses. I didn't recognize him at all and my first thought was 'Arrgh! My brain is malfunctioning! This is someone I know well enough for him to do the street bump thing and I don't even recognize him! I gotta stop using aluminum flavored deodorant!' (Ok maybe I didn't have that complete thought but I was surprised not to recognize the person who gave me the hard overly personal bump and it was weird that he was so close to me). I look down and I see a dog on a harness.

Blind guy! With the terrible seeing eye dog I mentioned a few weeks back! (The one who walked him into traffic! Ref. WH #802) The blind guy was angry at the dog and yanked up his harness a few times as he was apologizing to me. I told him that it was ok-- and let him know that I had a dog too and maybe his dog wanted say hello... He interrupted with, 'My dog shouldn't be saying 'Hello' to other dogs!' No argument there. Sort of amazing because the sidewalk were really empty. This dog literally walked this guy straight into me.

As they walked off down the street in the snow and ice I was sort of stunned that this guy was hanging in there with that flunked out seeing-eye dog. I gotta imagine the immense level of trust someone must have in their companion that way. And I can see being patient through training with a dog you consider a friend. But after having a seeing eye dog for months and months-- if he was still crashing me into stuff and walking me out into traffic... I think maybe it's time for a trade up and let that dopey dog just be a really good dog somewhere... instead of the worst seeing eye dog I've ever seen.

ok bye!



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