Thanks to Y'all for 2008!

RERUNS!? WTF! I know. I apologize for it.

Truth is-- toward the end of the summer I had like a panic attack freakout about like umm... not having any mon-ay in real life. Sometimes not having a real job is real good and nice. Sometimes not having a real job is kinda scary. And I uh oh-ed spaghettio-ed. The good news is I was fortunate enough to run around and find enough freelancey jobs to carry me along into next year aok. But the reality (besides the fact that I wait till the last minute for everything)-- is I have to work straight the holidays to finish two more freelance thingees by the end of the year. And I can't screw em up or Roscoe might stare at an empty bowl. So I'll be right here doing that.

I realize this is an extra bad year to miss a beat and I feel guilty and flunky. I hope you can understand. I take alot of pride in stuff I do here and simply can't show up half-assed (I've tried as you may have noticed)-- which is why it takes me a long time to do the stuff I care most about. One of my new year resolutions is to be more organized about this stuff next year. And be better. And more productive. And get ahead of stuff. (That may have been last year's resolution tho?)

Anyway, this is the 7th year of this website and 7 is my lucky number (and my mild OCD number) so I get this feeling this will be an interesting year for this place. I'm not going to say anything about whatever seems to be going on because it feels jinxy to babble-- so I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed and my mouth shut. But stuff is cooking and it smells pretty good!

As always thank you for your patience. I know I can be disappointing sometimes but I'm here for the long haul. Always have been. There won't ever be a time where this website won't be here (unless my webhost deletes it by accident!! yes i've backed up). The truth is that working on this site and doing toons for this place here is what makes me happiest and I'd love to have the time to do stuff right. There's a reason I update it practically every day. And yes, there will be more toons and games (and maybe more!) next year and I'm even working on a minor homepage makeover which might make everything a little less messy and a little more coolio.

And I just want to thank you for being here. If you're one of those people who check out all the little places on this site and are here daily or weekly or wheverery. I really appreciate you hanging in here with me. And for all your well wishes and your cards and your emails and the good vibes.

I know with the economy all fahklempt 2009 might be a tougher year than any other year this site has been running-- by far. Stuff might be too relevant again but more serious and rougher. And although I may have dropped the ball holiday-wise-- please know that if you find yourself wondering what you're going to be doing with your Tuesday afternoons for a while-- that this website (and me) will be here for you. I'll be typing up stories. Taking pictures of my dog. Watching TV for facts. Also adding Daily Good Economic News along with the other Good Newses.

And doing my bestest to keep doing what I do best. Even if once in a while things skip a beat because of the need for me to have a reality check (check as in 'paycheck' get it? like reality 'check'! ok forget it!). So great thanks to the people who help pay my bills by giving me freelance work. ABC News, America's Test Kitchen, and The IFC Media Project. It is those places that keep me going along as I go for now...

Happy Holidays to y'all!

Gonna take some time to do what I gotta do so site updates might be a bit sportatical through the end of the year.

But I'll be back on January 2nd and will hit the ground running in rollerskates!

Bestest of good vibes to ya....

ok bye!


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