I Guess I Didn't Get the Cargo Pants Memo?

So the other day I was walking around in my cargo pants which have a permanent stain and I was like, 'I'm gonna get a new pair of cargo pants!' I like my cargo pants because I try to go outside 'bagless'. I got my phone and my mp3 player and doggie bags and wallet and camera and book or whatever-- and I walk around like a big metro army dork. Anyway, I walked into Banana Republic and was looking at all the pants and I didn't see any cargo pants. I was like, 'WTF? I thought this store was like cargo pants store?'

I asked the guy where the cargo pants were and he was like, 'Umm... we don't carry them anymore.' My first reaction was, 'Man, Banana Republic doesn't know what they're doing anymore! They don't even know where their bread is buttered and stuff...!' Then my second reaction was, 'Uh oh spaghettio... Did....umm...  cargo pants go... out? Behind my back?' I figured they'd always be in for some reason. They seem basic enough. I was kind of upset because I like cargo pants alot so I went home and googled to see if cargo pants are illegal now.

I found stuff like this (some of these are from years ago mind you...)

"Cargo pants = socks and sandals = please dear god no."

"Cargo pants were banned from our chapter meeting in my sorority (shutup....it was a long time ago and I was naive). Therefore, cargo pants are out."

"Cargo pants are acceptable for hunting, fishing or combat...that's about it."

"Dear god, I'm having a seventh grade Union Bay fashion flashback. No cargo pants."

"So a coworker of mine has a pair of cargo pants on today. I'm not a wizard at guessing ages, but my broad guess is that he's in his 40's?  He's getting heckled by some other coworkers, all in good fun, regarding the cargo pants."

Umm... so I guess that's that with cargo pants? :-( According to some blogs cargo pants may have gone out up to 5 years ago...!!

There really should be some kind of memo about this sort of thing for people like me! Nerds who are too busy worried about how they're gonna carry all their geeky stuff around to notice time passing in fashionland!

And hey girls! Don't be afraid to speak up if you see something gone awry on your guy friends! Step it up! You know stuff we don't and how are we supposed to know?!

ok bye!


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