Don't Wave Me On, Jerk!

Hey! I am the pedestrian! I can see the WALK sign for me! I see a STOP sign for you! But you don't seem to be stopping! So I stop! You did not plan on making a full stop at the stop sign-- but you saw me and realized you had to full stop! Then you wave me on into the crosswalk with an annoyed face on! Allowing me to walk in front of your car while you sit at your STOP sign! Hey, I do not need your approval or permission to walk on MY crosswalk when the sign says WALK! In fact, I would have kept walking all along if you didn't look like the kind of dick that would run a STOP sign. And I resent the fact that you think you're being polite by waving me on now! If anything you should offer me an apologetic hand signal for making me stop in the first place! You don't owe me a wave on! You owe me a wave sorry! This is the law! I WALK! You STOP! That's how it works! The signs couldn't be more clear! You can take your half-annoyed wave me on signal at me and stick it in your butt and wave at your poop!

Just like if I'm driving around and I have the right of way and you in the other car decide to wave me along anyway! Into my right of way! I know it's my turn, jerk! This is natural driver law! You have no control over the situation! You don't have to wave me on, boss! I know I can go! It's my right of way! You're not doing me a favor! Give me a pleasant nod or whatever but you don't control me with your 'go ahead' waves! I go first because it's my turn! I don't need your stupid wave on permission!

Save your stupid waves for when there's traffic and I let you into MY exit lane even though you waited to long to duck into our line like a real a-hole! When I let you in I expect a little wave back acknowledgment for my generosity! Wave then! But I bet you're the type of person who offers no wave back! You just sit there like you had the right to do what you did! Because you're a jerky waver! Or non-waver!

That's what I think! And I ain't wavering!

ok bye!

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