New Shower Curtain Mistake?

Anyway or whatever, about once a year I get a new shower curtain. My shower is just like a standup plastic stall (the worst part of my apartment although the water pressure is nice) and it only has room for half a shower curtain. So I always cut my new curtain in half with scissors and put up half. When it gets a little gross and grody I throw it out and put up the other half. And when that gets grody it's time for a new curtain. Yes, I realize I can actually clean the curtain but I'm lazy and like buying new shower curtains. It's an annual indulgence.

But it always takes time to find one I really like. I don't want anything too fancy. I don't need double liner or lace or crap. I don't want a solid color. Nothing girlie. I want something that has some fun in it. But I have to be able to get something I can cut in half. Like I can't get say--- a map of the world because I'll cut it in half and it'll look weird. I don't like anything too kid-ish because that seems off. Like if I got a shower curtain with letters in crayon I'd feel like I was trying to hard to be wacky with my shower curtain. Or someone might be like, 'Why'd you get a kids shower curtain, weirdo?'

So in the past I've done some basic fun stuff. Goldfish. A blue one with clear portholes. Flags of the world. Etc. But for some reason the other day I decided I needed to maybe get more 'mature' about my shower curtain and get something with some actual style. Like, maybe I should growup with my stupid shower curtain? But deciding to "growup with my shower curtain" just sounds wrong. Like, 'shower curtain' is not a good place to start going about getting 'mature'. And on top of it, I don't really have any sense of true style when it comes to patterns or design. How am I supposed to know?

Anyway, the other day I surf around and surf around and finally find a pattern that I liked at the time. Seemed sort of coolio and 'mod' or something. I bought it. When it got here, I opened it up I took a hard look at it--- and it seemed very wrong. I cut it in half and put it up. Looked way un-right. In fact, I'm suspecting I bought the ugliest shower curtain in the world? But what do I know. Maybe it's nice?

Click here to check it out. Not right, right?

I think so maybe. In any case, I don't think I can keep this one up for a year.

So if you have a coolio shower curtain suggestion please post a link below and we'll vote on em later or something.

ok bye!


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