The Dental Damn!

So today I went to the dentist to get my toofuses cleaned.

I still feel weird in new dentist offices because my dad is a retired dentist and he always took care of my toofuses. And now when I go to a new dentist I'm not allowed to squirt the water and air guns at the same time like a cowboy or ask alot of dumb questions or grab the handles of the overhead light and play Pew pew! Star Wars X-Wing fighter action! Pew pew! with it or even consider x-raying my butt! But this guy is a nice enough guy or whatever.

Anyway, I'm in the chair and he asks me what I do for a living and I mumble whatever the hell it is that I supposedly do. He nods and asks if I'm doing ok. I tell him I'm doing ok enough to be at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned-- so that's something? The chair goes back and he starts in on the cleaning with the gross spit suction tube hanging out of my mouth. And he starts lecturing me about the overall state of the economy.

He starts explaining that it's really only Wall Street that's screwed up right now. And that people are just in a panic but everything is basically fine. Tells me it was way worse in 1982. 82? And that everyone is just 'scared of losing their job' but people aren't really losing jobs. It's all a big panic etc. Anyway, I'm in the chair going mentally argu-berserk and I want to counter his theories and stuff. Give my take on things! But I got my mouth all open with the friggin spit gathering and the bzz bzz!!!

When it's time to spit-- I take the opportunity to spit out a half-assed argument inbetween swishes and spits. All quick. Then the chair goes back again. And I start hearing his theory on why the stimulus package is definitely not working and blah blah etc...

Anyway the point of this whole story is, 'Hey dentists! If you got someone in the chair with stuff all in their mouth or whatever! Talk and tell stories! Fine! Good! I like stories! I like stories! Any story! But please stay away from talking on about controversial stuff! Or stuff worthy of a real conversation! No fair!

ok bye!


PS. My teeth are nice and clean. :-)

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