Late Night Mackin

So last night was Valentine's Day I went out to a bar. I met up with some friends and had a few beers. Twas totally fun. I didn't pick up a chick but I did pick up something else on the way home as a conciliation prize. I picked up McDonalds. I was just in the mood and haven't had it in months.

I got to Mickey D's around 1:45AM and waited in line (a friggin line at 1:45AM). When it was my turn I stepped up and the guy who took my order was friendly and nice -which was nice. Sometimes the person taking the order shoots you a look like you've just asked them why they need to wear the paper hat.... even though you didn't ask them why they need to wear the hat.

I ordered up 2 cheeseburgers and a filet-o-fish and a supersized fries. While waiting, I checked out the McDonald House charity box on the counter and wondered about it. Was it legit? Does the change in there really make it to McDonald House specifically? Was it a big scam? I decided it had to be legit.  I checked out the how the house-shaped charity box was locked to the register. With a chain and a bolt. It seemed pretty sturdy. I looked at the keys on the register. I wanted to push the buttons. Then my food came in a bag and I headed on home.

I remembered I had rented Minority Report and popped it in then sat down in my poof chair. I spread out the McDonalds booty on my cardboard box table and started eating up the fries. Excellent. And chomped into a burger. Delicious. I got into watching the Minority Report and switched off with a bite of burger then followed with a handful of fries then back to burger. one two one two. Then finally went in on the filet-o-fish for dessert. Excellent too.

After I was done I sunk into the chair and couldn't believe how good I felt. It was like a drug. A McDonalds drug. I sat there staring at the tv in a McStupor totally content. After a half hour or so it wore off and I decided to hit the sack. Sure, when I woke up I didn't feel all that great. Sure, my face had a grease mask on. Sure, my melon head seemed a few inches bigger today... but dagnamit if that McDonalds wasn't over the top excellent last night. Top notch top notch!

ok bye!