My Dog is Friggin Spoiled Totally

Some dogs will eat whatever you put in front of them. Pour dogfood in a bowl and they gobble it up. Chomp. And they're just happy to have a treat or a chewy whenever it is offered. No matter what it is. Chomp chomp. My dog ain't that way-- and his brattiness is getting a little ridiculous. He likes specific things only.

First off, his food. I give Roscoe a mixture of dry food and canned. It took me a while to settle on his diet because he used to get diarrhea all the time and I had to figure out what was setting him off. Now he eats Eagle Pack Duck and Lamb dry food. Always. Only. That's standard. But I have to keep a variety of canned food because if he gets bored with whatever I'm 'serving' he won't eat his dinner. Like if I give him the same canned beef flavor whatever for over a week. He'll eventually just sniff it and walk away. Letting me know that he's bored of it. So then I gotta switch it to the fish flavor or whatever. Or add yogurt that I buy specifically for him. (Sometimes I actually apologize while I switch it up...)

In terms of chewies he likes Dingo Dynostix ("Meat in the Middle"). Friggin $6.99 for a pack of three. His favorite. Anyway, the other day I go to the store and they don't have the Dingo Dynostix! So I branch out and go with some other brand even though I knew it was risking diarrhea. They looked sort of the same but it was meat dunked or some crap. When I get home I open it up and offer one-- he gives one sniff then walks away. It wasn't the Dynostix. Looked like it. But wasn't. And he knew it. He couldn't be bothered.

His brattiness is actually sometimes embarrassing. The dry cleaner lady had a special surprise for him the other day. Beggin' Strips! They smell just like bacon. The commercials have dogs going 'It's Bacon!' All excited. Dry cleaner lady was excited to give it to him as a special treat too. He takes one and then immediately drops it on the floor and doesn't eat it. I'm like, 'Dude... really? It smells just like bacon! It actually smells good to me!!' No interest. He wanted the crunchy treats that he always gets. Liv-A-Snaps. He likes those. (And he likes the darker colored ones more than the light ones).

I guess it's my fault for letting him know that he has a choice. And has an opinion. And has a say. And doesn't need to take whatever he can get. But I think is sort of funny. I mean, he probably thinks he's awesome because he makes demands of humans and gets his way. In reality, he's doesn't realize he's negotiating around eating gross dog food out of a bowl on the friggin floor or chewing on something that is probably tastes like an old shoe. Shh. But as a good dog all around otherwise... I'll let him have his opinion... and let him chalk up those personal dog victories.

ok bye!


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