No, I Don't Have Gun

So years ago I used to be way into archery and was awesome at it. I sort of miss doing archery but it's not an easy sport to do in the city. I mean you can't exactly drag a target to the local park, set it up and then tell everyone behind it to clear out. Plus, it's probably illegal to walk around with a bow and arrow. Maybe? Then again maybe not. I dunno. You don't see too many gas stations getting robbed by archery dudes. They're just not criminally practical. You miss one shot and next thing you know you got a bat up your butt and you're screaming for the police...

Anyway, there's this local gun club nearby that's always sort of intrigued me. I pass by it on my walks and always think how it might be fun to go in there and shoot off guns like Yosemite Sam.

It's sort of weird that this structure right smack in the middle of a residential street. Must suck to live next door.

Anyway, recently I started to paw around at the idea of getting a gun-- but it seems like a weird call.

I live in an apartment so I think having a gun would change the dynamic in my place. Like I'd have new strange roommate who never says anything. And when I have friends over I bet I'd be a little mentally tickled by the idea that I can go up in my closet and come back blasting. Surprise everyone! Not that I'd ever do it of course (unless they ate my last cupcake or whatever). But that weird jokey psycho voice would probably be around if a gun was here. The same one that reminds me I can swerve into traffic whenever I want. Also, would people always be thinking like, 'So umm... where do you keep the gun, travis bickle?'

Would people look at me differently if I was a gun owner? Would I get recategorized in some way? Somehow become a bit of a threat? Do people make a mental notes of who has a gun if society breaks down and goes wild? As a go-to safety person? Would I get judged for having some personality shift that drove me to purchase a gun? Would people worry about me sitting in here with a gun and a dog? Would it be weirder if it was a secret? Should it be secret?

The truth of it is I'm not looking to go all mental around a gun. That's not the goal. I just like targets. I'd just like to go somewhere and shoot a gun at a target. In the same way that I used to shoot arrows. That's all. But I guess having a gun in here might be a little weird. Even for me.

Then, I wondered if I could just leave my gun at the actual gun club. In a storage locker or something? Can people do that? But then the idea of that made me worry a little. Like what if someone stole my gun and shot someone or something and dropped the gun at the scene? Then all of a sudden I'm in trouble for shooting Sollazzo? Screw that. I don't need the weird moment of opening my locker and seeing the gun gone.

On top of it when I just started googling around how difficult it is to get a gun in NY State it was like a big googular mess that I couldn't even consider sifting through. So that certainly sealed the deal for me not getting a gun. Which probably will put everyone's mind at ease round these parts...

ok bye!


PS. I do know it's commonplace in places to have a gun and this just seems weird to be all blah blah about it. I just don't have any friends with guns... that I know of.

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