The Shower Phone Situation

So just now I was in the shower talking on the phone with a friend. I like to talk on the phone when I'm in the shower. My handset has speakerphone and I just turn it on and put it on the ledge-- then go about my business soaping up and chatting up and whatever. It feels like multitasking.

Anyway, I start peeing. (Yes, sometimes I pee in the shower.) I'm peeing away and talking away when all of a sudden the handset slips from the shelf and crashes down on the floor of the shower--- right into the pee stream! I was like, 'Fk! The phone!' While still nakedly peeing wildly I grabbed phone off the floor before it all got roont. It still worked. But I definitely peed on it. I stared at the phone feeling grossed out at it.

After a couple seconds of silence my friend was like, 'Hello?'

I was like, 'Oh hey, sorry I just dropped the phone.... And like peed on it.'

He was like, 'Why'd you pee on your phone?!'

I said, "I was already peeing when it... fell.'

He was like, 'Uch... Dude just call me later... 'And hung up.

I stood there with the phone knowing it had pee on it-- so I held it under the shower stream to wash it off.

Fingers crossed when it dries out it still works ok. Or maybe I should hope for the latter?

It might be a deal breaker knowing its pisstory. Get it? Piss.. story. Story of the... yah... ok...ha...  no.

ok bye!


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