Looking for Local

So a month or so ago I posted something about how I wanted to go in on a TV show on dvd and asked people to vote. (Ref. WH# 826). Even though it didn't win the vote I decided to start watching The Wire. And it's turning out to be stunningly awesome. I'm closing in on the end of Season 2-- there ain't been a actual clunker episode yet! There's TV tingles happening that this might actually be the best tv show ever and stuff... we'll see.

My Netflix queue is loaded with one Wire disc after another. That's all I'm renting. I get a dvd. Burn through the episodes and get it back in the mail as soon as I can. Then I wait for days for the next dvd. And every day I don't have a Wire I'm like, 'Wish I had a friggin new Wire dvd to watch!' But I have to be patient. And I have to wait. And hope the mailman comes through. I get itchy for it. I'm like a junkie with this show...

Anyway, tonight I was walking around and I sadly mailed off my most recent Wire disc. I turned to Roscoe and I was like, 'You better be f-in entertaining tonight because I got no new Wire!' He was like, 'Yeah? You suck.' I was like, 'No, you suck!' He was like, 'No! You suck! Double! No backsies' I was like, 'No you! Suck triple! Double no backsies no double quatriple backsies!' After a block or so of that, we passed by my only local video store. Video Free Brooklyn.  (link here if you want). And thought like, 'Hey Roscoe, you think they have some Wire in there?'

I've only been in that video store like 3x because I'm either on Netflix or I do pay-per-view or whatever. Sure enough, they had Wire! Full show! Every dvd! Just sitting there! And I rented the next Wire dvd I had in my queue! Am psyched to have it. (Gonna go watch it after I finish typing this.) As I left I was like, 'Wait. Why am I on Netflix schedule anyway? And why don't I go into that local video store more often? It's kinda coolio and all local.'

The bigger point of the story is this.

I realize that lately I've been trying to shift my whole spending routine into my local independent stores. Across the board. No more amazon. I go to my local bookstore 'Bookcourt'. No more CVS. I go to the guy with little pharmacy on the corner. Local fruit stand guy instead of Trader Joe's. (I like Trader Joes but it has fruit has issues. Goes bad faster or something.) I look for local now. Especially now. And I usually like em more anyway. Sure it probably will cost me a few more dollars a month to go through all the Wire this way-- but I get the dvds whenever I want! It's almost like a service charge.

So for now, whatever it is that I'm buying-- I'm going to look to swing it local independent style. Stop being lazy. There's just too much stuff that's slipping out of business these days to keep funneling money to big faceless companies if it can be avoided. CVS will be fine without me. Amazon will be fine with no me. Netflix will be totally fine. Yah, I know the big places need help and shoppers too-- and they employ people and all that. (Plus I realize people on tight budgets gotta do what they gotta do). I get it. But for now, for me, I'll just try to do what I can locally-- when and where I can-- for whatever it's worth...

ok bye!



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