The Tropicana Brand Scam

So everyone thinks the brand new Tropicana design sucks, right? Whenever I talk to people about the new Tropicana-- people talk about how badly Tropicana screwed up by turning out such a badly generic "new" design. Change it up? In all our faces?! They didn't even ask! How could they?!

From this to that, right? Uch!

Looks like the type of packaging you'd get on Delta Airlines when it's Delta Airlines brand orange juice!

Jeez! Didn't they focus group test?! They drained all personality out of Tropicana! What a disaster, right?

Well, here's what I think bout this sort of thing:

Back in the day, remember Coca-Cola screwed up with New Coke? Stupid Coca-Cola went full steam ahead into*New Improved* Coke. And everybody rushed out to buy the New Coke. And ew! It sucked! People were outraged! New Coke was not better! It was worse! Waaah! Everyone said, Waah! We want our old Coke back you bastards! F you! We as consumers will stand together and resent you until you do as we say! We want our old Coke back, jerks! Give it! Or we will buy Pepsi! Or RC! Just to spite you!

Sure enough. After a few months, Coke weakly buckled. Coca-Cola Classic came back! Better than ever! Consumers won!

Who won?

What was the end result from that fiasco?

1. Everyone in the world ran out to buy New Coke.
2. Then everyone in the world ran out to buy Coke Classic.
3. Consumers felt victorious and the allegiance to the brand was set in stonier stone.

Now, I'm not saying that this Tropicana image scam is flying at the same brilliant mile-high level as the New Coke scam. (After all, Tropicana is owned by 2nd place Pepsi.) But today it was announced today that Tropicana has heard consumers loud and clear and will be returning to the 'classic' look that we all know and love. They admit their mistake. Consumers win again-- and await the return of their favorite OJ in tact.

What will be the result of this fiasco?

1. Sales went up on the new packaging just cause it was new and everyone wanted to talk about not liking it. Attention etc.
2. When the 'classic' packaging returns. People will welcome it with open arms. And buy it up. Happily. Yay! It's back!
3. It gut punches Minute Maid directly in the nuts by slamdunking Tropicana brand loyalty.

Soooo... why would this have to be kept a secret?

Why is it that the scam of New Coke remains a secret to the grave?

Why don't they admit it? And brag?

Because nobody likes a scammer.

Sure, maybe I'm underestimating the stupidity of corporate america-- but when you're talking about the overhaul of a mega-brand. Could they really screw up this badly? Nobody liked the new packaging. Right? Some people might have been ok with it. But nobody was like, 'I like it more!' Exactly. This is the most important piece--- they don't want some people liking the new look. Can't have that. Because those people will be pissed when new Tropicana goes away. It's gotta be universally panned so there's no loss-- without being too obvious.

I, for one, don't believe the hype...

ok bye!


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