The Bad Mood Maker

So lately I've noticed that while walking around-- I've been in sort of a bad mood. Grumpy. Extra grumpy.

People walking too close to me annoy me more than usual. People who head straight at me forcing me to sidestep or shoulderbump make me nuts. People who weave all over the place get flagged as idiots. Even Roscoe has been getting on my nerves stopping to smell stuff or yanking at a squirrel or whatever. I used to not really mind any of the stuff. Certainly not to the point where it affects my overall mood.

It got to the point where I've been sort of a disturbed by my new attitude. Once in a while, I'm in a bad mood .. sure! -- but lately it's been my go-to mood when I'm out on the street? So I started to analyze what's putting me in a bad mood.

Maybe I'm tired of winter? No. I like winter. Maybe there's been too much bad news in the news? I guess maybe. But that stuff usually makes me sad-- not really mad. Maybe I've been extra unproductive and that's getting me angry? I guess so. (apologies for that btw)  But laziness usually doesn't lead to anger. I dunno. Am I subconsciously bitter because I'm not megarich? I dunno. That seems like a stretch. When I talk to friends on the phone I get annoyed at them too. Way easily too...

I've been like, 'What's going on with me? What's changed?' Then I realized what's different with me over the past few weeks.

My new cellphone. I have a new cellphone that came along with this earbuds/microphone thing on wires. And I've been walking around with these buds in my ears for weeks now. Listening to music or talking to friends--AND earbuds make me friggin mental!!! Always have! They're constantly falling out of my ears! Or I accidentally yank one out! Or I look to the side and one pops out! I'm constantly futzing with them to get them to stay in my head! I even pull my hat down over my ears to hold them in. I shove them in there as far as they go. But either I have little earholes or something because they don't stay put for more than a minute or two. I've even been walking all hunched over to prevent excess tension on the cords. (Yes, I know most people don't have this problem...)

But the f--king earbuds have making me mood mental! They're what's pissing me off! I'm sure of it! There was a sense of relief when I realized it. I've always hated earbuds! I've never clicked with earbuds! They don't like my ears! iPod buds were horrible for me! They hurt! And for weeks now I've been walking around with these new buds stuck in my head trying to get them to work for me!

It all made sense. If there's something annoying me every two minutes... of course I'm gonna end up in a bad mood! Duh! And phew...

ok bye!


PS. Yeah, I had a motorola bluetooth thing a while ago but that piece of sht broke after like 2 months. I don't like wireless either.

But I'm psyched! It's time for me to go hunting for a different style earbud-- different than these! These bad mood makers! I need the kind that wrap around my ear or whatever! Or corkscrew kind or whatever. Suggestions appreciated.

Warning: Some comments below may annoy you or make you roll your eyes...