Seven Solid Seconds of Stunning Stupidity

So tonight I was cooking up some mac and cheese that I got at the Trader Joes.

(I give it a B- not enough flavor and not cheesy enough).

Anyway, before putting it in the microwave I look at the cardboard wrap thing for directions and it says this (scroll):

I'm like ok. Peel back plastic film. Check. Next? Recover. And in my head I'm like, 'Recover from what?'

I totally interpreted it as if I needed to actually 'recover' something or recover from something. I'm staring at this stupid box like... wtf with the recover? What am I looking for to recover? For what? Or what do I need to recover from? Recover from the strain and effort it took to peel back the plastic film? Or recover later from eating this family sized portion of mac and cheese that I plan to snarf all by myself? Recover?

Then finally it clicked in. RE-COVER! Ohhh... As in, Re-cover the plastic film!! I get it! That makes sense!

(In my defense, maybe it needs a hyphen?)

In any case it doesn't make sense that I seriously stared at these directions in confusion for probably a solid 7 seconds like english was my friggin second language or something--- before I finally recovered my temporarily missing brain.

Jeez louise.

ok bye!


PS. Hey Joe! I don't think Stirring Occasionally can apply to something that you're cooking in a microwave for three minutes.
What's occasional? Every 40 seconds? That's too frequent to be called occasionally.



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