Whiskey Still the Same

So there's this new whiskey type bar down the street. Behind the bar it's just like all different kinds of whiskey. And the other night I go in there with a friend of mine and am like, 'I'm gonna drink some whiskey! I'm gonna be like a whiskey drinking mofo tonight!'

We saddle up to the bar and I'm asking the bartender all the usual eyerollingly annoying questions. What's the difference between whiskey and scotch? What's bourbon?  Does whiskey ever go bad? What's like the most expensive whiskey? (Btw the most expensive whiskey was $100 a glass. Anyone who has the idiot balls to drink anything for $100 a glass is a drunk douchebag methinks).

Anyway, I go with a taster situation to cover the range of different kinds of whiskey/scotch whatevers. Three small sippy glasses. A single malt this. A rye that. A southern whiskey this. For 'variety'. The bartender teaches me how to sip whiskey. Tells me that I should put my nose in the glass but inhale through my mouth to sort of breathe in the fumes or whatever then I had the option to add ice or not. I added ice.

And I sipped one. Hmmm... tastes like burning. Mmm... Maybe the next one will be better. It's supposed to be smoother. Hmm... tastes like slightly smoother burning. Mmm... Then the third one. Ooh the strongest one... Tastes like... hmmm... let me see... extra burn burning. All different but to me essentially the same.

Not sure why it is that whiskey type booze still tastes the same as it tasted when I was 16 years old trying Jack Daniels at some high school party and puking in the backyard. I always assumed I would like it when I became a grown up. Like everything else that tasted bad at first (coffay, beer, wine, whatever) eventually I understood why it was good. I can drink vodka and gin and rum with no problem (even though for the most part I only drink just beer and wine). But I feel sort of deprived and left out of the whiskey world. Not that I wanna be all sitting in front of the tv with a bottle on my belly-- but apparently there's some pleasure that goes along with sipping whiskey that I can't find. I have friends who have tried to explain it to me but it all tastes burny to me. And I'm sure if the $100 a glass stuff was put infront of me that would taste just like the rest of them.

I assume if I really commit to it and drink whiskey every day for like a month eventually I'd be able to come around and understand the subtle goodness that may be in whiskey sipping-- but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to motivation. Yes, that even applies to simply sitting around and drinking...

ok bye!


PS> Here's menu to the new place with all the whiskeys if you wanna see.


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