Preppy Practice Party

So back in like 7th or 8th grade, a friend of mine invited me to a party that was being thrown by some preppy prep school kid. Afternoon birthday party or whatever. It was a pretty hardcore 80's prep school scene. Big backyard. Double polo shirts, pink and green, with the popped up collars. Plaid golfy pants with all the colors. Penny loafers. Junior Muffy's and James Spader types running around. Everyone seemed to know everyone. I felt out of place. And was probably dorked out. For all I know I might have had a miners light on my head and was sporting my, 'Ayyyyy...' Thumbs-up Fonzie shirt.' I don't remember seeing any parent present and to be honest I'm a bit hazy on the who and why of the party.

At some point everyone heard that so-and-so dude was 'dealing pot'. This entrepreneurial future scumbag dude was holding court in a lawn chair in the corner of the yard. And people were buying bags of 'pot' for $5.00. He wasn't being all secret about it and I wandered over with my friend to see what was up. He had these rolled up sandwich baggies with stuff inside. He asked if wanted to buy one and we passed. He was doing a nice business. Some girl walked away with a $5 pot bag and we asked to see it. In the bag was something that looked like oregano, crushed colorful peppercorns, and little sticks of bamboo. It was my first exposure to 'drugs'. Even then knowing nothing about nothing-- I remember thinking, 'That don't look... right.' Some people went off to 'smoke' it and then came back pretending to be high.  And I remember feeling chicken about the whole thing. Like I was gonna get in trouble just for being there.

I was still on friggin cake and ice cream! My gateway wine coolers were still a year or two off! And that prepped out place was chomping at the bit to get down with some real drugs already! Just like their older siblings or parents or whatever. Maybe at the next party they'd be doing lines of Country Time or whatever-- working their way up. But even then the roles were set. There were the 'cool' kids and their 'cool' drugs-- and the dorks who nervously laughed at the stupidity-- wishing we were cool enough to be that stupid.

ok bye!



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