Not Sure Bout New Underwears   

So I wear underwear until they're so old I can rip it off me like the Hulk. (Umm... now that I think about it-- the Hulk never rips off his underwear. In fact chances are Bruce Banner freeballs it all the time when you think about it.)

Anyway, I still don't have a go-to underwear brand. I know I like the boxer brief Marky Marks kind only.  They're all ok but I'm not crazy bout any particular brand. I got some Gap. I got Lands End. Got some Jockey. Random kinds. Not crazy about any of em. Sometimes they just cost too much. Sometimes they're too tight or something. Sometimes they wear out way fast. Whatever. So last week when I was trying to think of something to do while procrastinating I went underwear shopping on the net. And wanted to try a new place. I usually get grey or black or white underwear. If I'm feeling crazy I'll get blue.

Not sure why but I ended up at American Eagle looking for underwear. And they had different kinds! They went beyond the standard grey and black marky marks. They had boxer briefs with umm... patterns on em and stuff. And I was like, 'Maybe I should get new underwear with patterns on it?' Break out something totally new in underpants land? Sure, regular boxers have patterns on em alot-- but I don't know if I ever really considered buying boxer briefs with some colorfulness to em.

I stared at the underwear on my monitor wondering if I should get underwear that looked like that. Thinking it might be funny or fun to have something going on with my underwear. So I clicked and added to cart a couple of pairs. And the other day they arrived! They fit great-- but I have sort of mixed feeling about em. Not sure if they're 'right'. Like if I yank down my pants would a chick be like, 'Ew! What's with your underwears?' Or would it be like, 'Hey! Fun underwear, fun underwear guy!' Or... I dunno.

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