Couple Quick Happenings

1. Heineken is Skunked

When I was in college on special occasions my fraternity (TKE) would get 'green bottle beer'. To be fancy or whatever. And usually that green bottle beer was Heineken. College was the time I was developing my beer palette and I was always surprised how Heineken didn't taste good. It always tasted skunked to me. I was like, Why do I like the Busch and Pabst and Coors Light better than the fancy beer?' I figured I just wasn't sophisticated enough to enjoy a fancy beer properly.

But here I am years later and the other night I ordered a Heineken for whatever reason-- and it still tasted the same as it always has and always does. Slightly skunked. I do think I've had an unskunked Heineken at some points--- but for the most part I get the feeling Heineken doesn't age well.  I bet it tastes better when fresh but I'm calling out their deliciousness claim. Because I think it gets old fast.

2. Busted in Rags

The other night I was sitting at my computer in one of my favorite white shirts. When I bent my elbow-- it ripped like paper. It was done. Sad. But whenever any clothing I own reaches that ripping point I totally dig ripping it more. Like tearing my old underwear off altogether or grabbing the neckline of ratty t-shirt and ripping it down.

Anyway, I ripped the sleeve all the way up and then continued with my typey typing. Later on, Roscoe came over and he wanted to go outside so I threw on my jacket and headed out the door. On the walkabout I bumped into someone that I'm neighborhood friendly with but don't like hang out with often. He said we should grab a drink (we were right by this dog friendly bar). (This is where I got the Heineken btw).

I take off my jacket completely forgetting that I was wearing this shredded shirt:

He kind of gave me this, 'Dude, Is everything ok? Like financially?' look. It did sort of look like I was pretending to wear a nice shirt under my jacket. Like dickie fraud buttondown.  I explained that it was freshly ripped and how I like ripping my clothes when they get old.. and how I just... went out with it on.

He seemed to buy the story... but insisted on buying the (skunked) beer.

ok bye!


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