New Website! New Stuff!

Ok! Hey! Hi!

So anyway, the last few days have been a bit of a total mess. Moreso than per usuals. 

I've been working away on freelancey stuff, design stuff and April Fooliness at the same time (which may account for my inability to realize that using fiercely annoying music in an intro to a boring numbers game is probably not an ideal toon lead-in for most people. (aka bomb). So apologies for people who clicked away. The numbers thing is now short. Yes, there is a cartoon afterwards. + Games. You missed it? Ummm ha ha April Fools?) Tis here if you wanna watch it up.

Anywayyyy,... <crickets>

What's up with the website?

I hope you like the redesign! I worked really hard with a coolio designer to get something that would organize stuff without changing stuff too much. If you're looking for something that was a favorite thing of yours and you can't find it. Please let me know

Do I still plan to post up Weekly stuff like Annoyances and Recipes and stuff? Yah! Totally! But sometimes things get slow in certain categories and I'll have to figure that out-- but if you click on the Day of the Week at the very top of the page you'll see something linked up there everyday. And linked under the Daily Stuff tab. Send in Annoyances! Recipes! Pets! Random Emails! Boss From Hells! And if you have ideas for new categories. Please email or post below and maybe we'll switch it up.

Lots of goodies in the works too! New toonages for the site (weekly?)! New IFC Media Project toons starting May 3rd! And hopefully some secret announcements will get unsecreted soon. Fingers crossed. Hopefully more Deng too. (come out come out).

But I just want to thank you (if you're reading this you probably know me pretty well by now)-- I'm flaky. Sometimes I'm on. Swish. Sometimes I shoot bricks. Brak. Sometimes the site is up and energized. Sometimes it feels wonky and slow. So thank you for sticking with me this whole time. I really do my best every day to do right by this place and will continue to do that. And kick it up a notch extra because I know there's too many people out there with too much free time on their hands unfortunately.

So this site is and will be here for y'all. Through ups and downs and lefts and rights. And I'll be here... doing my bestest as that is the best I can do.

Bestest of good vibes to ya! Especially long-time readers... I appreciate your reading this. And for the support. And hanging out.

ok bye!


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